The Binding

The Binding by Bridget Collins, and Carl Prekopp

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By Bridget Collins, and and, Carl Prekopp

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13 Aug 2019


This Gothic style novel is set sometime in the 1800s although I had difficulty in narrowing it down to a more exact period. It is a tantalising thought that we could take our most harrowing experiences and have them bound up in a book which could then be safely stored. The memory could then be erased from the mind. Sounds too good to be true? It is. Our experiences are what shape us and make us the people we are.
At first I found Collins' clever use of time frames somewhat confusing but is very effective as it places the reader in the same situation as the central characters in the story, with parts of their memories erased and bound in books.
I really enjoyed this book and found it a real page turner. Although I found it easy reading, Bridget Collins has a beautiful style of writing and I would thoroughly recommend her book. (less)

10 Aug 2019


I was given this copy by #BookSwapDurham in return for a fair and honest review.

I really enjoyed the book eventually. I say eventually, because I found the first of 3 parts rather heavy going and nothing much to excite me. It was all have a terrible life, gets better, then terrible again, then better again! But the second part was much better, and gave me the understanding that part one was to set the scene. Part 2 is set in the past and asks so many questions!

Imagine a world where books are frowned soon because they contain the memories of those that would rather forget them, leaving them a shell of the person they were before. I know there’s talk about which era it’s set in, but for me it doesn’t matter. It’s a fictitious story in which love, hatred and fear are intertwined. Although it took me a while to get into it, I really engaged with the central character Emmett and willed him on. I won’t say much more of the story since it’ll ruin the surprise in part two!

So 4 stars, a great book, just a slow burner.

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