The Truth Pixie

The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig, and Chris Mould

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By Matt Haig, and and, Chris Mould

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A brand new story for younger readers from number one bestselling author Matt Haig, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Chris Mould


30 Jun 2020

Funny book and easy to read.

15 Jun 2020

It was a fictoin book and my favorite charecter was the truth pixie. Yes I would recommend it to someone else.

14 Jun 2020

It’s great - exciting. I like to read it in one go and you can read it quickly too.

11 Jun 2020

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone because the book is magical and wonderful rimes in it. I think my favourite people were the truth pixie, Maarta and Ada. it is a FANTASTIC book to read before bed and a there is some FABULOUS FUN in it as well !!!...

09 Jun 2020

I enjoyed the book and read it very quickly.
I like the hole story because it Rhymes.
I think that peopole from 6-11 would like it.

29 Dec 2019

this book has many rhymes

i would definitely recommend this book

28 Dec 2019

Amazing. Truth pixie and Ada were my favourite characters. I would recommend this book.

09 Oct 2019

it was a good book. i loved it was a rhyming book, it taught me not to lie. i would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys rhyming and laughter.

11 Sep 2019

I liked this book because it had lovely messages in it.

10 Sep 2019

The truth pixie was my favourite character. It had a happy ending. I liked the rhyming.

17 Aug 2019

A short book with a clear message- always be yourself! I really enjoyed this book and I hope others will too.

12 Aug 2019

It had lots of rhymes and it was fascinating.

10 Aug 2019

I love this book because it was funny. I also liked to read this book with my cousin and my family. I would recommend this book for people who like to have a good laugh.

08 Aug 2019

it is a very good book about a fairy who has problems with telling the truth. it's the only thing she can say. the poetic feel is brilliant and the illustrations are very good.

28 Jul 2019

It was good because the truth pixie helped Aada because she was moving house and she was feeling worried because she thought she wouldn’t make new friends and she was going to a new school.

24 Jul 2019

I would recommend this book to all my friends and family. The book is written as a rhyme and it is also really really funny. My favourite character is the truth pixie and she tells the truth all the time!!!

10 Jan 2019

Lovely message

07 Jan 2019

It was a good book. I liked the Truth Pixie and felt sorry for her at the start. I was glad the story ended happily. I would recommend it to everybody.

28 Dec 2018

I like this book because the truth pixie always tells the truth. I also like this book because I love her mouse Maarta that lives in her hair.

This book is fiction and I would give this book to a friend. This book is good because it teaches a lesson about telling the truth.

26 Dec 2018

I think that this book was a true adventure through a life full of truth and how it is good to have the power of truth instead of singing and dancing but sometimes you might think your power is terrible because you are hurting other peoples feelings and your friend's feelings. The truth is a wonderful gift that you can have and you should be proud of it.

The Truth Pixie won't agree to this at the beginning of this book but once she meets Aada she would definitely think just like me that truth is really important to everybody.

24 Dec 2018

I liked the happy ending because it made me happy. I would recommend this book to my best friend

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