Dino-dinners by Mick Manning, and Brita Granstrom

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By Mick Manning, and and, Brita Granstrom

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It’s dino-dinnertime but who eats what, and who eats who? How do we know what dinosaurs ate? Who hunted as a team? Who ate with their head in the treetops, and who ate absolutely anything they could find? Discover exactly what is on the menu, as you are invited to attend this dinner party with a difference!


27 Jul 2017

It's a great book. I learnt a lot about what different dinosaurs eat.

25 Jul 2017

It gave me a lot of facts about what they ate.

22 Jul 2015

Great for children who like dinosaurs. Fun and informative

30 Jul 2014

It was pretty interesting and it tells you all about dinosaurs. It tells you what skin they had and lots of details.

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