Tail-end Charlie

Tail-end Charlie by Mick Manning, and Brita Granstrom

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By Mick Manning, and and, Brita Granstrom

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As a boy, Mick Manning listened to his father’s tales about life as an RAF airgunner during WWII. Now he has carefully recreated those stories; for Charlie’s grandchildren — and for everyone.


19 Aug 2020

A great mix of factual information with real life stories. Each page is filled with details and interesting illustrations and ways of presenting the story. It is lovely at the end seeing the real photos of the characters.

08 Sep 2019

This is full of war facts.

08 Sep 2019

I liked this book because it has my favourite plane in it. The Lancaster Bomber.

06 Aug 2016

A brilliant story !
Only one thing it is set up in comic strip and so hard to read !

28 Jul 2015

I picked this book because i like that it had loads of planes in it. I like the Royal Air Force.

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