Shadows in Heaven: A gritty family drama from the Sunday Times bestseller

Shadows in Heaven: A gritty family drama from the Sunday Times bestseller by Nadine Dorries

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By Nadine Dorries

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arabeg is a small village on the West Coast of Ireland. In the aftermath of the Second World War, two women are waiting there for ambitious Michael Malone to return home.

Rosie is the local schoolteacher and most people think she is promised to him. Just a few have guessed that he has secretly begun to woo Sarah, whose brutal fisherman father would kill her if he knew.

Both Rosie and Sarah love Michael, both hope to become his wife and their lives will interweave in a tale of tangled secrets, old promises and new feuds. Michael Malone’s choice will have fateful consequences for everyone – especially, in due course, for his young daughter.

This is the first in a new sequence of novels with a brilliant cast of characters and a story that will lead to Liverpool in Mary Kate and back to Ireland in The Seven Acres.


18 Mar 2019

St Regulus AJ

A tale of courtship and marriage on the west coast of Ireland following the second world war. This book was fast paced in sections, with faith and superstition both playing their part. It was well observed and is intended to be the first of a series. I will not be seeking out the following titles.

28 Feb 2019

Sunny Hill Book Club

It is rare for our book club to all to agree on a book. One should normally not judge a book by its cover but this book's cover does what it says on the tin. Fans of Nadine Dorries will not be disappointed by this book as it similar to her others. However, it was not for us.

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