The Bumblebee Flies Anyway: A year of gardening and (wild)life


By Kate Bradbury

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09 Aug 2018


This is a charming memoir about a woman's year of gardening and life. Kate takes on the project of transforming her decked and wrecked back yard when she moves into a new place in Brighton, UK. The story is warm and rich and funny. In parts there is tragedy, but the garden story always continues.

This book is about transformation, hope and information. It made me stop and think about what I am doing in my own garden. She breathes life into the insects and bees and birds that live in all our patches of land.

The writing is wonderful and gentle and draws you in to reading more. It is tender in parts and kind-hearted in others. I enjoyed reading this book very much. It gives new meaning to the creatures in our gardens and green spaces.

21 Jul 2018

I loved this book. Sensitively written and yes with an underlying message about how we are treating our planet and the creatures who share it with us, often limiting these without consideration/awareness. However that said the message was not aggressively placed in the description of the rescue and emergence of a space filled with vibrancy and passion. Wonderful snippets of insight into the life of the author which prompted thought. As a direct I have become much more conscious of the wildlife I brush against in my own garden and I have a yearning for a bee hotel - or two... This stimulated in me a wonder at the return of species and how seamlessly this can occur if only we can learn to accommodate them. A synonym perhaps? At one point in the uncovering of this garden I recognised that in my own life, during difficult times, I had unwittingly disconnected from nature. I felt as if in so doing I had indeed cemented over my heart. A little gem of a book bursting with passion, and a delightful honesty, that I would heartily recommend to even the most jaded.

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