Against the Inquisition

Against the Inquisition by Marcos Aguinis, and Carolina De Robertis

By Marcos Aguinis, and and, Carolina De Robertis

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11 Jul 2018


A brilliant book! A gripping story based on the true story of Francisco Maldonado da Silva, a Jewish doctor practicing (both medicine and religion) under the watchful eye of the Spanish Inquisition in Latin America in the late 1600's. Against the Inquisition tackles issues of religious persecution, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech, which are as relevant today as they were at Da Silva's times... Highly recommended!

09 Jul 2018


Against the Inquisition: a brilliant book with historical writing at its best.

This story is based on the real life of Francisco Maldonado da Silva, a Portuguese Jew whose Father was a doctor forced into a Christian conversion.
It depicts the Spanish Inquisition power in Larin America at the end of the 16th, beginning of the 17th centuries, and the human fight for freedom of conscience and speech.

Heartbreaking and provoking, and beautifully written by Marcos Aguinis, an internationally acclaimed author.

09 Jul 2018


Highly recommended!
A powerful and mesmerizing read.

Among the best books I have ever read. I turned the last page with tears in my eyes...

05 Jul 2018

The story itself really gripped me, however there was a lot of historical information that at times I didn't think added much to the story and became a little tedious to wade through when waiting to find out what happened to the characters next!

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