The Death of Mrs Westaway

The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware

By Ruth Ware

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11 Jan 2019

Macclesfield Library Reading Group

Macclesfield Library Reading Group would like to thank Penguin randomhouse and The Reading Agency for providing copies of The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware. We unanimously agreed this was an addictive page turner full of suspense. We particularly took to Hal as being that rare thing; a female protagonist who is strong, relatable and not led by romantic intention. The ever evolving relationships within the family and how they treat Hal throughout the many revelations of the book made for an engaging story.
“What a rollicking Yarn! I liked the strong female protagonist.”
“A good read, I enjoyed it. It was an easy story to read although I did get a bit lost towards the end with trying to follow who Hal’s mother turned out to be.”
“A good book that skilfully manipulates the clichés of the mystery/thriller genre.”
“An interesting and thought provoking read. Suspenseful and with lots to think about, I felt that the protagonist’s fortune was well deserved.”

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