Fergal is Fuming!

Fergal is Fuming! by Robert Starling

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By Robert Starling

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A dragon with a short temper is not a good combination, as Fergal’s family and friends soon find out. It is only when he starts to notice other animals have clever tricks to calm down that Fergal begins to win back his friends, especially when he discovers dragons can cool off in a very handy way.

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14 Aug 2020

I liked when Fergal did not waste his fiery temper by being mean to others but by making interesting things. I would recommend it.

18 Jul 2020

I like this book as I like using lots of expression to read it!

03 Jan 2020

Good read

30 Aug 2018

Fergal is a great dragon who gets very angry when he is told to do things

22 Aug 2018

Every time someone tells Fergal what to do he gets really angry and fire comes out of his nose and mouth. Fergals mum was my favourite character in the book. The book was fiction.

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