The Woman in the Window: The most exciting debut thriller of the year

The Woman in the Window: The most exciting debut thriller of the year by A. J. Finn

By A. J. Finn

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Get ready for the biggest thriller of 2018…


22 Jan 2019

Sue M

Woman watching other people’s lives through a window, something happens, drink and mental health issues...sound familiar? This story had too many parallels with Girl on the Train for me to enjoy it thoroughly. That said, I did enjoy the punchy style of writing, so would probably look for other books by the author, if they weren’t too similar a plot to this one.

21 Jan 2019

I loved this book, written in a similar style as 'girl on the train' It had me totally gripped and I felt my 'jaw drop' on several occasions! The main character is a woman suffering from agoraphobia, and all the issues that she faces. There is enough suspense to keep you turning the pages. I can definitely see a film in the making!

11 Jan 2019

I got totally drawn into this book. It certainly played with the emotions. My reaction to the main character shifted throughout. I was in turn intrigued, annoyed, sympathetic, scared for her and beyond frightened as the tale reached its climax. I might be a bit naive, but I never suspected the outcome.

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03 Jul 2018


Despite this being a book of intrigue, it did not grip me and keep me spellbound. I felt the language it was written in did not flow - short sharp sentences are not a style I enjoy to read.
These comments may be because I do not usually read thrillers so the subject matter was not to my taste.

22 May 2018


I loved this book from the start. With very short, punchy chapters, it was so fast pace and made me want to continue and I read it so quickly compared to my usual pace!
Dr Anna Fox is a phycologist who suffers from agoraphobia as a result of an accident (no spoilers here!). Due to her condition, she’s stuck in her house, with only the views of her neighbouring buildings in New York as company. Well, she does have her online friends and tenant, but she doesn’t see him so often.
When a new family moves in across the park, everything changes. She befriends the son (Ethan) of the family and meets Ethan’s mother. However, when she ‘sees’ something horrific through the windows, her agoraphobia is put to the test and then later what she saw questioned. Did she see it, or was it the drugs she’s on, tiredness, or excess alcohol? And if she did see it, would she be believed?
In short, a very powerful book, the only thing I didn’t like was the frequent references to the black and white films Anna loves used analogies. I agree that it was clever, but I honestly didn’t think it was needed in my opinion.

19 Apr 2018

I loved this book from the very first chapter. It was fast paced and exciting and totally kept me hooked until the last page. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller with plot twists and turns. The underlying issues of agoraphobia, family dynamics and other health related problems were well written and honest. In short I “Loved it”

09 Apr 2018

I was expecting good things from this novel after reading the first few intriguing chapters. However I found the ending quite disappointing and I don’t think I would recommend this thriller to friends. I thought the use of old films as parallels to Anna’s experiences clever but on the whole a pretty mundane reading experience.

19 Mar 2018

A plot driven thriller with lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I've had a sneaky preview ahead of giving it out to the rest of the group at the meeting next week and think it'll be a good one for discussion. Don't want to give any spoilers but lots of issues are raised about mental health, PTSD, relationships and more. Can't wait until everyone else has read it too....

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