All About Mia


By Lisa Williamson

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The latest amazing book from YA sensation Lisa Williamson, author of THE ART OF BEING NORMAL!


09 Sep 2017

Really great book, I recommend it to anyone. One of those books you read a numerous amount of times. Really amazing. Never gets boring. Once I pick it up I read it till the end. I could go on for ages about it. Kids will love it, one of my personal favourites. Lie in bed with a copy of All about Mia. My idea of a holiday! Lovely characters. I congratulate this book.

27 Aug 2017

Mia is the mess inbetween. One day her perfect sister becomes pregnant at 18, if Mia was pregnant her mom would flip. Her parents aren't being fair? Well that's what Mia thinks. Everyone around her says Grow up. But will she ever?

10 Aug 2017

This book reminds me of me and my sister. She annoys me so much but in the end I will always love her no matter what. Mia is the middle child of 3 and has no hobbies. Both her sisters have amazing levels and grades but all she can do well is get drunk and have a good time. This is definitely for older readers and will teach us that no matter how much you want to kill your siblings sometimes, you would kill for them any day.

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