The Girl Before: The addictive global bestseller

The Girl Before: The addictive global bestseller by J. P. Delaney

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By J. P. Delaney

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24 Oct 2017


This was a mildly disturbing and rather creepy book which, however, was very easy to read. Most of our members finished and enjoyed the book but did not like the characters. Those who did not enjoy the book very much did finish reading it because they had to know what happened in the end.
All of the characters had their secrets and the book kept us guessing as to what they really were which certainly kept everyone’s interest. The plot, although quite slow, was engaging, concentrating on how the characters reacted to events.
The flat was interesting, but we felt would be difficult to live in. We could not imagine getting rid of everything that makes us an individual. Emma did cheat, because she was at heart untidy, but she would accept any rules to live in a nice flat, in a good area, in the middle of London.
In answer to the question ‘what would you ask the author’ we wanted to know what sort of house he lived in, is it minimalist and modern as in the book, or cluttered and cosy, or somewhere in between. Also we wondered if there is going to be a sequel with the new girl.
Altogether we felt the book was well written, engaging and interesting and all of us wanted to know how it ended. Although we were mostly in agreement there was still plenty to discuss about the characters and the events.
Out of ten we scored this book 6.5

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