The Sealwoman's Gift


By Sally Magnusson

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A woman’s story lost from history – in 1627 Icelandic islanders were abducted and sold into slavery in Algiers; but what happened to the women and children and, specifically, to the pastor’s wife?

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01 Jun 2018

Macclesfield Library Reading Group all thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing The SealWoman's Gift some of our thoughts;
"An interesting account of history that amazed and astounded me"
"I Thoroughly enjoyed it- loved the dissonance between life in Finland and Algeria and the whole aspect of story-telling as a means to deal with a fractured life."
"I enjoyed this book. I got very involved with all the characters in the book and enjoyed the various themes of the story telling"
"I enjoyed the book, I was able to visualise some of the environmental descriptions which was good because it helps to act as a distraction from my own thoughts/images"

05 Feb 2018


A beautifully written story about a little known part of history. Not a book I would have naturally chosen but I'm so glad it was recommended to me.

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