The Nothing to See Here Hotel

The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler, and Steven Lenton

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By Steven Butler, and and, Steven Lenton

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The first in a wickedly funny new series from the Roald Dahl Funny Prize shortlisted author Steven Butler!


08 Nov 2020

Frankie banister lives in a magical hotel and there is a war between pirates and goblins

04 Nov 2020

I love this book because it is a really adventurous book and is so creative as the characters are all different and not from this world. My favourite character is the chef Nancy. She is funny and I like when she screams through the yell a phone and it wakes Frankie up.

31 Oct 2020

This story about a hotel for magical creatures has been so much fun to read with my class. We've fallen in love with Frankie and his family and laughed out loud at the antics of the weird and wonderful hotel guests! Steven Butler's creative use of language is great fun to read out loud.

24 Oct 2020

Full of fun and wacky characters. The story is very fast paced but I did lose track of 'who was who' on a couple of occasions. Think it would be a great read aloud book to read to the class. Would recommend it to 7-9 year olds. The illustrations were also great.

23 Oct 2020

Good fun! Have bought it for my Y2/3/4 class and it was snapped up when I gave a précis!

10 Oct 2020

An engaging, quick, funny read that I think my class of Year 3s and 4s will really enjoy! Part of a series, so hopefully sharing this first book will hook them into the rest.

09 Oct 2020

A fun story I know my class will love. A silly adventure with the most weird and wonderful collection of characters.

02 Oct 2020

Fun and easy to read.

05 Sep 2020

This is a fiction book.

It was hilarious and I can’t wait to read the second book in the series!

05 Sep 2020

Very funny

05 Sep 2020

This is a good story full of magical creatures. My favourite character is Granny Regurgita because she is funny. A great read if you like a story with a twist.

02 Sep 2020

Better suited to younger reads but still a fun read

01 Sep 2020

it was about a monster hotel and they had a specal visitor that was a goblin prince. I would recommend this to children age 8-12

01 Sep 2020

Halloween at the hotel, no goblins because they are thieves!

28 Aug 2020

the little boy and the spider
that the monsters were real
yes it was funny at the start and got scary in the middle so i reccomend this book

22 Aug 2020

This book was funny and magical. My favourite character was Frankie Bannister because he is the main character and he tells the story in the first person which I found interesting. I would recommend this book it was great!

18 Aug 2020

It was fiction and my favourite character is Frankie Banister. It was amazing and astounding. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fictional books and mysterious characters.

17 Aug 2020

It was adventurous and silly. I would recommend this book but it was not as good as I expected it to be.

17 Aug 2020

this was a very good book i liked Hoggit the most because he can breathe fire it intrested me because my teacher read it to me and my class I would reccomend it to evreyone who likes adventure storys

17 Aug 2020

We have this book at my school, but we didn’t get all the way through, so I was excited when I found it in the bag that the librarian gave me.

16 Aug 2020

There are lots of good characters in this book. I like the way the bad guy is punished! It is a great story about magic creatures and a boy called Frankie Bannister.

15 Aug 2020

Firstly - the front cover is so engaging and is the first thing that made me want to read this book and it was the right choice.

The layout of this book is great, you just want to see what is going to be on the next page. The fonts change and highlight key information and there are pictures throughout. Some where you even have to turn the entire book to the side. It's an interesting book on its own but those parts of it are all great at keeping children engaged and wanting more.

It's a book for any children who want a bit of a wacky adventure with interesting characters and creatures. You learn to love them all very quickly and everything is linked very well.

I would say this is definitely for year 3/4 children to enjoy but older would benefit hugely from it also.

14 Aug 2020

I really enjoyed this book and have chosen it as our first class reader for the next term. The main characters POV is brilliant when introducing lots of different monsters and creatures! The humour is spot on for Year 3/4 and still has challenge and points for discussion in the vocabulary used. A really good fantasy novel that I hope will engage my class!

14 Aug 2020

It is really, really good because it is full of magic. I recommend it for 8-9 year olds because some of the characters are scary. How the hotel stayed magic. my best character is Franky and his pet.

14 Aug 2020

I LOVED this book! What hotel! Absolutely hilarious. So many characters to choose from but the little bossy prince was so entertaining.

11 Aug 2020

I loved the funny first person narrative. Excellent read

10 Aug 2020

This book is about a boy called Frankie Banister, he says about his weird life at the nothing to see here hotel, I liked Prince Grogbah because he was a rude little Prince and demanded everyone to do what he says. I would recommend this book to people who like funny books.

07 Aug 2020

I didn’t like this book because it wasn’t easy to read. It was quite strange and hard to read it all.

06 Aug 2020

I thought it was surprigly funny.
I liked Frankie the best.
I would recommend it to someone who has a big imagination.

06 Aug 2020

I liked it because it was unusual and very... funny (to me).

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