The Nothing to See Here Hotel

The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler, and Steven Lenton

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By Steven Butler, and and, Steven Lenton

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The first in a wickedly funny new series from the Roald Dahl Funny Prize shortlisted author Steven Butler!


06 Jan 2020

The book was very interesting and the more you read the more interesting it got. At first l thought that the book would be about a secret hotel that everyone found out about. It was fiction and the best person I liked was a girl that was a pirate. I would like to give the book to my mother to read.

31 Aug 2019

A very good book so I like it

19 Aug 2019

This book was funny and had lots of drama in it. My favourite character was Frankie

17 Aug 2019

the funniest book ever!

12 Aug 2019

I would recommend this book because it is good and quite funny.

09 Aug 2019

I really liked the story. The best character was Frankie who was also the main character

08 Aug 2019

It was a ok book but iv ready alot more better and interesting books

06 Aug 2019

It was a fiction book .It was a weird story. My favourite character was Frankie. I would recommend it to other people.

03 Aug 2019

It's a great book. It is jam packed with goblin messengers, rude and ignorant goblin princes, swashbuckling and a skeleton with magic teeth. It is a weird and wonderful book.

26 Jul 2019

My favourite character was the goblin because he sometimes walks around naked and thinks the sea is a private plunge pool. I would recommend it to another person.

24 Jul 2019


24 Jul 2019

I loved it !

07 Jul 2019

It was a little funny and monsters are a creative way to encourage to read and be creative


10 Feb 2019

My favourite person was Frankie, my favourite part on the book was when Frankie's mum had to chase prince Gobrah, I would recommend it to someone else.

05 Dec 2018


Loved it, great characters and lots of fun

04 Sep 2018

I would recommend this to any body that likes crazy books

01 Sep 2018

Great characters but quite a few mistakes in the typing!

28 Aug 2018

I enjoyed this book a lot because it had weird and wonderful monsters in it including magical fairies and lovely half goblin and half human characters.

It is a bit scary because barrow goblins come to the nothing to see here hotel and order everybody about.

Yes I would recommend this book because it is very funny.

12 Aug 2018

I think it was a really good book and it's funny and I really enjoyed it.

03 Aug 2018

I thought this book was exciting and creative. I would recommend this book to boys and girls aged 6-10yrs old.

01 Aug 2018

This book was so good and I didn't want it to end.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading.

27 Jul 2018

It is funny!

21 Jul 2018

This book is bonkers! It's full of crazy characters, there are tooth fairies with rotten teeth, pirate trolls, a man eating plant, the oldest mermaid in the world, a talking lawn and an invisible ghost who wears as wig because he's embarrassed he's bald!! That's only a few of the characters. The action in the story starts straight away and never slows down. Its funny, crazy and full of action and adventure. There are ghosts and pirates and skeletons with false teeth! Both girls and boys will love this book and you won't want to put it down.

19 Jul 2018

I love the story were Frakins is half human and half troll. I also love that the prince of trolls is coming to the hotel and every thing needs to be perfect.

18 Jul 2018

It was a fictional book I loved the creativity that was put in to all of the goblins especially the prince. Overall this was a great book and others should definitely read this.

17 Jul 2018

Super funny with a cast of fabulous characters.

17 Jul 2018

Very funny and like when the grass is waking up! It’s set near Brighton sea which I like. The title is very funny too

13 Jul 2018

It was an amazing book it had lots of exciting events like when the messenger had a letter when a rock opened a door in itself and when the Prince came. My favourite part is when the Prince comes and bosses everyone around and when he faints. Also the tooth fairies talk very weirdly! It's brilliant. Csnt wait for the next one!!!

12 Jul 2018

This is a brilliant book. About a family who run a monster hotel. They have an unexpected guest a monster Prince. I would recommend it to someone who likes action.
One word review: funny

03 Jul 2018


I think it’s good but at the start it was boring. When you read it more you will like it, trust me. I would recommend it to everyone because it is nice.

Reviewed by: General Diamond Bucket

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