The Nothing to See Here Hotel

The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler, and Steven Lenton

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By Steven Butler, and and, Steven Lenton

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The first in a wickedly funny new series from the Roald Dahl Funny Prize shortlisted author Steven Butler!


26 Jun 2020

It was a magical and fairy tail book. The book is a funny and exciting story. The person that I liked the best were the three molar sisters. I would definetly recommend the book to someone else.

26 Jun 2020

I love Frankie and how Grogbah was in the nude.
Any child from 5-8 years old would giggle their socks off.

26 Jun 2020

I loved the book

My favorite character was frankie banister because she was very brave

I’ll definitely recommend this book to everyone it was amazing

25 Jun 2020

Lots of magical creatures with troll fights and pirates.I liked it because they usually had a plan but in the end they didn't because they needed to think of how to fix the hotel.

25 Jun 2020

i loved it. i liked the pirate skeleton

15 Jun 2020

I loved all the descriptions of the magical creatures.
I like Frankie Bannister
This was a fiction book and i would recommend it

15 Jun 2020

Very funny. My favourite character is frankie banister because she is brave and ready to take on any adventure.

15 Jun 2020

This was a fiction book
I liked Frankie and all the magical creatures
I would recommend this book

15 Jun 2020

A really good read!

15 Jun 2020

Grogbah - Rude
Frankie - Happy
Tempestra Plank - Fearsome
Calamitus Plank - Grizzly

13 Jun 2020

It was an exciting story because there were lots of things happening and lots of strange characters to meet. It was funny when Grogbah was going in the Seawitch fountain and he didn't want to get his clothes wet so he took them off and everyone could see his bottom! I would recommend it to people who like unusual stories.

13 Jun 2020

Hilarious and very adventurous

12 Jun 2020

This book was BRILLIANT it was full of magic and solving crime

01 Jun 2020

Awesome. There are lots of funny things happening in the book like Nancy the giant spider.

03 Feb 2020

If you like crazy animals and funny stories this book is for you. My favourite character is the giant mermaid.I really recommend this to anybody aged 8-100. Its great!

06 Jan 2020

The book was very interesting and the more you read the more interesting it got. At first l thought that the book would be about a secret hotel that everyone found out about. It was fiction and the best person I liked was a girl that was a pirate. I would like to give the book to my mother to read.

31 Aug 2019

A very good book so I like it

19 Aug 2019

This book was funny and had lots of drama in it. My favourite character was Frankie

17 Aug 2019

the funniest book ever!

12 Aug 2019

I would recommend this book because it is good and quite funny.

09 Aug 2019

I really liked the story. The best character was Frankie who was also the main character

08 Aug 2019

It was a ok book but iv ready alot more better and interesting books

06 Aug 2019

It was a fiction book .It was a weird story. My favourite character was Frankie. I would recommend it to other people.

03 Aug 2019

It's a great book. It is jam packed with goblin messengers, rude and ignorant goblin princes, swashbuckling and a skeleton with magic teeth. It is a weird and wonderful book.

26 Jul 2019

My favourite character was the goblin because he sometimes walks around naked and thinks the sea is a private plunge pool. I would recommend it to another person.

24 Jul 2019


24 Jul 2019

I loved it !

07 Jul 2019

It was a little funny and monsters are a creative way to encourage to read and be creative


10 Feb 2019

My favourite person was Frankie, my favourite part on the book was when Frankie's mum had to chase prince Gobrah, I would recommend it to someone else.

05 Dec 2018


Loved it, great characters and lots of fun

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