The Whole Day Through

The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale

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By Patrick Gale

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A woman has a second chance at love in this novel from the author of Richard & Judy bestsellers ‘Notes from an Exhibition’ and ‘A Perfectly Good Man’.


23 Oct 2018


A beautifully written love story, quiet and lyrical, sensitive and caring. Also quite witty and gritty with discussions about pubic lice, STD's, disabilities, ageing, naturism and sexuality, among other things. Patrick Gale seems to have a great insight into people and relationships and has a fantastic ability to write about them. I was drawn right into the heart of the book and the characters and found I cared deeply about what happened to them. A great one for reading groups because of all the "issues" raised, not least the duty-versus-desire one. I loved it from start to finish and highly recommend it to anyone who likes books about people and relationships.

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