The Island at the End of Everything


By Kiran Millwood Hargrave

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Ami lives on Culion, an island for people who have leprosy. Her mother is infected. She loves her home – but then islanders untouched by sickness are forced to leave. Ami’s desperate to return before her mother’s death. She finds a strange and fragile hope in a colony of butterflies. Can they lead her home before it’s too late?


26 Apr 2018

The island at the end of everything by Kiran Millwood Hargrave is a fiction book, based on leper colonies and a girl called Amihan as she is taken from her mother to live in an orphanage, but strives to get home.
On the epic journey, she makes friends, has swings near death and an array of emotions. Along the story, there are realistic, yet shocking problems that really made me jump. It also shows the treatment of lepers, which was terrible but does show that people cared. It is cleverly written, with a surprise at the end which will make you smack yourself. I would recommend for people who are not starting, but is somewhere in the middle, and for people who are OK for tragedy. I loved the characters with interesting names and human personality. It also shows love finds a way with friends and family, no matter how difficult times are. Very well written.

30 Mar 2018

Kirren Millwood Hargrave is a good author in this book. I like how he uses the word ‘nanay’.

28 Jan 2018

Meet Ami. She lives with her Nanay on an island,possibly the island at the end of everything. Some of the citizens, including Nanay herself, are suffering leprosy,an illness which can change your life forever. Meet Mr Zamora. An evil, so-called 'helper' who is causing trouble.

Packed away to stay in an orphanage away from Nanay, Ami has lost all hope. But she makes friends with a boy called Kindlt and a girl called Mari, and together, fighting through hardship and arguments, their friendship is put to the test as they try to get back to their island, the island at the end of everything.

29 Aug 2017

I loved the book

22 Aug 2017

'At the start I was unsure if I would like this book but as the story progressed and you found out more about the characters it grew on me and by the end I was crying.'

15 Aug 2017

It is a true story because there was something called leprosy and it is still hanging around in places.

12 Aug 2017

very interesting but got a bit sad. i really liked the bit about the butterfly house.

07 Aug 2017

I think you should read this book because it is a really good book for children ages 8-12 and it helped me learn new stuff.P.S you have to read the 30 years later bit at the end of the book because it is the best part and also it gives the book a happy ending.

28 Jul 2017

I love this book!!!!! It is so heartwarming.

28 Jul 2017

Beautifully written. I love it!

27 Jun 2017

There are some places you would not want to go. Even if I told you that we have oceans filled with sea turtles and dolphins or forests lush with parrots that call through air thick with warmth... nobody comes here because they want to. the island of no return

the island at the end of everything
by :Kiran Millwood Hargrave

20 Jun 2017

amazing and emotional

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