The Taste of Blue Light


By Lydia Ruffles

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‘If Sylvia Plath wrote a novel for young adults, The Taste of Blue Light would be it’ Louise O’Neill, author of Asking For It


13 Apr 2018

Reading Groups @ Leigh

Leigh Library Crime Reading Group meets on the third Thursday Evening of every month.

One of our set books was, The Taste of Blue Light Lydia Ruffles by. The Book promoted a lively debate and strong feelings, among the group. Here below are the group’s revues about this title.
“Theme was promising, but it lacked pace. I Lost engagement with the character until last quarter of the book, however, I would recommend this to a younger, say teen reader, not somebody over 60.”

“Was this book written from personal experience or based on someone else’s? There is a feeling of flatness (Lux’s mental state??) “
Margaret Williams.

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