They Both Die at the End

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

By Adam Silvera

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A love story with a difference. Another beautiful and heart-breaking story from bestselling Adam Silvera, author of History Is All You Left Me.


04 Aug 2018

Confusing but intriguing...

24 Mar 2018

A touching story- but definitely for 13+. It will make you happy on one page, gasp on the next and cry your eyes out. This is a book abut two boys. One is called Mateo. the other is Rufus. They are very different until on September 5th just after midnight, they receive a call from Death-cast, a company which sends many 'deckers' as they are known, an alert on the day they will die. They both want to make a friend on their End-day, and there is an app for that. The 'Last-Friend' app will bring them together to live their lives in a single day. This book made me cry a lot! It is an amazing page turner! WARNING; THERE SOME LANGUAGE INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOUNGER READERS! Anyway read this book if you are any age older than 13!!!!!

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