Why Mummy Drinks

Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Sims

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By Gill Sims

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The smash hit Sunday Times bestseller.


09 Apr 2018

Reading Groups @ Shevington

Review: Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Simms

Tuesday Reading Group at Shevington Library. Wigan

Meets at on Tuesday, monthly, 4th, 12:00-13:00

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month, in the Art Gallery space at Shevington Library. We like to tackle all sorts of literature, and follow it up with discussions of our likes and dislikes. We are friendly and open to new members. Come along and Join us.

Our set book for this month was "Why Mummy Drinks." by Gill Simms. The group when asked would recommend this book to their friends. Below are their most memorable and least enjoyable bits of this book.

"I enjoyed the book. It was very funny but rather risqué. I particularly found the Easter Egg hunt and the Fire Work display very memorable. If there was a problem with the book, it was the bad language and too much information about her Sisters children's Toilet habits." Maureen.

“So many, laugh out loud moments. Don’t read this book in company, I couldn’t stop laughing. The worst bit was Semen Smoothies! Yes, I would have bought a new blender as well!!
Please write more books Gill!!” Kathy

“I loved Christmas, with the Sister- In- Law from Hell and her brood. Particularly, the reaction of Simon, Jane and peter to the danger to all their possessions. If there was one fault it was for me, the unrealistic use of her one day off spent on Twitter??! Any busy mum knows a day off is too precious to waste on Twitter!!! Seize the day with both hands.!!!” C.A. Walters.

“I was happy to get to the end. Too much use of the F word for me. Not a fan of the Diary format. “ L. Billings.

“I liked when Ellen stood up to the Head teacher and Michael (Louisa’s Father) Shouted at her, made me smile. Unfortunately I don’t enjoy books in the diary form. In fairness, this book was probably too young for me” Tuesday Group Member.

10 Feb 2018

Some very funny moment which as being a mother of four I could relate to, not my usual kind of book nut on whole very enjoyable

08 Jan 2018


This review from Hunstanworth village Hall Book Group:
The book group liked the diary format of 'Why Mummy Drinks', comparing it to 'The Diary of Adrian Mole', but this time with a 39 year old (equally irritating and confused) mum.
If you feel that you're not one of the 'in gang' and that everyone else's lives are going much more smoothly than yours then you'll find you are not alone. Job dissatisfaction, less than perfect children, extended family problems, money difficulties...are all relatable and laughable topics that can be found in this book. And if you don't mind swearing (or acronyms for swearing usually used in text messages) then you're probably more likely to enjoy this book.
However, the book group did find themselves concerned that drink seemed to be the answer to all of the central character's issues; as a fairly middle class person this mum is the acceptable face of drinking and being drunk. But, if the central character was instead a working class mum, single parent, with no job, then would it seem to be so funny...we doubted it.
Overall, a light hearted read that would make a good holiday/beach read.
Rating: Generally middling scores, mainly 3 or 3 1/5 out of 5. A couple of members struggled to engage with this story and scored it a lower 1 1/2 or 2 out of 5.

28 Nov 2017

This book is laugh out loud funny.

28 Nov 2017

There are several areas if this book that I feel could have been lifted straight out of my life, although I don't have a sister in law with 6 kids who thinks nothing gif turning up unannounced or with little warning.
This book is laugh out loud funny.

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