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Bad Mermaids

Bad Mermaids by Ms Sibeal Pounder, and Mr Jason Cockcroft

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By Ms Sibeal Pounder, and and, Mr Jason Cockcroft

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02 Aug 2021

I don't like bad things but I like mermaids so I don't know why I'm readily this

31 Jul 2021

I liked the fact that the characters were mermaids and didn’t know everything about humans and they thought very silly things about humans

29 Jul 2021

Bad mermaids is a super funny, mysterious, adventurous and fun.
Three mermaids trying to save the ocean from some BAD(evil) mermaids who are trying to take over the ocean. However you might not like the SAD ending (personally, I found the ending quite rushed).

04 Jul 2021

i thought that the bad mermaids need to learn how to be good

03 Jul 2021

It was very exciting and spectacular because the story was kind of funny

17 Mar 2021

It is a friction book .It is about three Mermaids called Bette ,Zelda and Mimi.I would recommend this book to my friends.

15 Mar 2021

This book is fiction.It is about three mermaids called Bette , Zelda and Mimi.This book is full of adventure.I would definitely recommend
this book to others.

14 Jan 2021

I liked this book, it has a wonderful world of mermaids. My favourite character was Steve the seahorse, he was really funny, I liked he was always saying 'Excuse you' before saying something totally funny. I can't wait to read the next book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mermaids and magical worlds and adventures.

06 Jan 2021

I asked my mom for these books for Christmas after reading the Workd Book Day version. They are very good books. Great if you like mermaids, under the sea adventures, mysteries and books about friends.

10 Dec 2020

I like this book because it is fiction. I give this book 5/5. I suggest that if you have this book at home read it because it is amazing .

19 Sep 2020

Loved it, love mermaids

18 Sep 2020


13 Sep 2020

It was a great book! I love mermaids and it's funny.

13 Sep 2020

Mermaids Beatie, Zelda and Mimi are enjoying a nice summer on land with legs when they receive an important crabagram from the Queen Mermaid, Arabella Cod, telling them to return home immediately because some very bad mermaids are on the loose. When they bump into one of their friends at home she realises that they can go anywhere in the lagoon because they haven’t got the piranha mark on their nails. That’s because they were on the land when Ommy ( the one who is bad ) put the marks on everybody’s nails. When they find out that Arabella Cod has been fishnapped , the friends face a lot of danger. When they set of on their quest they ‘borrow’ a clam car from some Oysterdale mermaids and take the talking seahorse ( didn’t need to do that). The friends face mortal danger and adventure.

01 Sep 2020

I thought it was ok. In the beginning It was hard to understand but it go better!

31 Aug 2020


30 Aug 2020

I thought it was very adventurous and I loved it I liked mimi best she was funny yes I recommend it

30 Aug 2020

This is a great book - I love it and I'd love to try the sequel!

28 Aug 2020

I liked it because it was about mermaids

17 Aug 2020

I think that bad mermaids is a excellent book and it's funny as well as entertaining.
The book was fiction and The character i liked best was Steve because he is a little sea horse and he cracks me up , and he thinks he's a miracle because he is a talking sea horse but thinks he's the only one. It is very entertaining and i can't wait to read another one of the bad mermaid books.

17 Aug 2020

It was amazing and got me hooked as soon as I started to read it. It was a fun exciting story with a cliff hanger that made me want the next book in the series even more. My favourite character was Mimi and I would definitely recommend this book for anyone

17 Aug 2020

This had been one of my favourite books this summer. It is set in a far away under water world with talking seahorses and a restaurant in a sharks mouth called Jawlers. The main characters are mermaids called Beattie, Zelda and Mimi plus Steve the talking seahorse. Together they save the whole underwater world. I would highly recommend this book.

14 Aug 2020

I loved this book because it made me laugh and I recommend it to others that like mermaids. I liked Mimi the best.

14 Aug 2020

I loved this book and i'd recommend it to people who love fantasy stories

10 Aug 2020

I would recommend this to my friends because it was very funny. I liked Paris the best.

06 Aug 2020

I loved this book it was amazing!
I would recommend this book to everyone who loves books!!

02 Aug 2020

I thought it was good because it was about trying to find Arabella and having an adventure. I mostly liked mini because she was funny and made up jokes. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and mermaids.

21 Jul 2020

This was a really good book

14 Jul 2020

This book is a fiction book. It is very funny and is very enjoyable. My favourite character is Steve! He is very funny and strange. I would recommend reading this book.

30 Jun 2020

I liked this book because I LOVE mermaids and mystery books.

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