Bad Mermaids

Bad Mermaids by Ms Sibeal Pounder, and Mr Jason Cockcroft

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By Ms Sibeal Pounder, and and, Mr Jason Cockcroft

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02 Aug 2020

I thought it was good because it was about trying to find Arabella and having an adventure. I mostly liked mini because she was funny and made up jokes. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and mermaids.

29 Jun 2020

This book is amazing!! I loved it so much and would recommend it to anyone who loves adventure books, this is definitely one of them!

26 Jun 2020

It was ok

11 Jun 2020

It’s not amazing but it ok it’s not my time of book

27 Dec 2019

This book has a lot of imagination and is a great book make sure you read book 2 and book 3.

24 Aug 2019

In my opinion, the was very intriguing and at the end of every chapter I couldn't wait to read more!

23 Aug 2019

A fun book and very enjoyable I very much recommend it

12 Aug 2019

I loved this book. It inspired me to be more brave. My favourite character is Steve because he is always making me laugh.

10 Aug 2019

Great read. I loved the characters.

01 Aug 2019

It was really adventurous. I would recommend it to people who like adventures and different mythical worlds.

06 Sep 2018

A good book.

04 Sep 2018


01 Sep 2018

I enjoyed this. I liked it when they turned in to mermaids again. My favourite character was mimi as she was cool with great hair and tail.
I would recommend this as it’s a really good book about mermaids.

15 Aug 2018

I really enjoyed this book! However, in some parts, it was just a little hard to understand...
I really liked Mimi, she is a very funny mermaid and her appearance beguiled me - her multi-coloured hair really grasped me-!
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone over 7 and someone who has an interest in mermaids as much as I do!

14 Aug 2018

I loved this this book because it has got me in to a very good attention and I never wanted to stop reading this book because it was really entertaining I would recommend this to everyone that likes mermaids.

31 Jul 2018

I didn’t like this book, I could only read about half and found it too weird so read something else

04 Sep 2017

its about three mermaids. two were twins .the three of them all went on an adventure .to find Arabella cod

22 Aug 2017

This book is great! Suitable for younger readers and i think older readers will enjoy it too!! (Well i did and i am 10!) It's a really good book with some really cool pics. If you like the sound of this book or have liked this book Sibéal Pounder has written Witch wars. Which is equally as good.
I would rate this book 4 and a 1/2 out of 5

21 Aug 2017

This book is really interesting and would be great for anyone aged 7-12.

18 Aug 2017

It was a bit boring at first

14 Aug 2017

Really good book. I loved it.

11 Aug 2017

it was really funny, especially the bits written in mermaid language!

03 Aug 2017

I loved this funny,exciting under-water story by Sibeal Pounder. She's a great writer and I've read some of her other books.

02 Aug 2017

I loved this book and is giving it 5 because it's all about an adventure to save the mermaid world. I found this book very adventurous and a bit scary at some points. I also think it's a it weird because your reading about a different world.

02 Aug 2017

I really like mermaids.

25 Jul 2017

It's good because they have a 'no legs beyond this point' sign in the middle of the sea.

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