Into the Water: The Sunday Times Bestseller

Into the Water: The Sunday Times Bestseller by Paula Hawkins

By Paula Hawkins

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A brilliantly plotted and fast-paced juggernaut of a read that hurtles to a heart-stopping conclusion.’ Good Housekeeping (Book of the Month)`A brooding and complex read that deserves to make a splash in its own right.’ Sunday Mirror `A twisting whodunit that leaves you both gratified and surprised (also the best kind) .


05 Oct 2017

I really struggled with this book. There seemed to be too many characters and i kept losing track of what was going on from chapter to chapter. There is such a darkness in this book and it never lifts. I like the opening few pages and i wish more had been discussed about the historical factors of the story i think it would have added more depth.

23 Sep 2017

I found this book quite hard to get in to and to follow. There are a lot of characters and each chapter is written from the view point of different characters. It didn't flow very easily and i found it hard to keep up with who was thinking and doing what.
I didn't particularly like any of the characters and found them all to be a bit flat and lifeless. The plot line isn't cheery but there needed to be moments to break up the darkness and drudgery.
The start with the historical stories about the drowning pool promised so much and i really wish there had been more about the girls of the drowning pool as that did interest me.
I have recommended this to someone who i know likes dark mysterious reads. I hope they enjoy it more than i did.

20 Jul 2017


It must be really hard to write a second novel when your first one was a runaway success. We imagine everything she writes now will always be compared to The Girl on the Train. Fortunately our group had a few members who hadn’t read it, so could read and review it objectively. It did split the group; some liked it, some thought it was okay and some didn’t!
The focal point is the Drowning Pool and it’s the story of the women who have died their; either by their own hand or someone else’s. It was an interesting theme but there are a lot of characters telling their side of the story. It was quite hard to keep track of who was who until you got into the rhythm of the novel. They all had their secrets and these were gradually revealed but in a rather convoluted way. It was too disjointed and a bit boring. We didn’t feel any real empathy or connection with the characters. Yes we had to finish it and the twist at the end wasn’t completely unexpected but all in all a bit of a disappointment.

16 May 2017


A twisty, turny, fascinating read. A great page turner that will keep you guessing!

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