Disney As Old As Time: What if Belle's Mother Cursed the Beast?

Disney As Old As Time: What if Belle's Mother Cursed the Beast? by Liz Braswell

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By Liz Braswell

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11 Jun 2020

I thought it was very good I liked when belle managed to escape the asylum with her papa and maman I think the author made this story very interesting to read making certain parts scarier than others

19 May 2020


Hi,this is my book review on As old as time,which is a fairy tale retelling on Beauty and the beast.
In this story,The author tells it quite differently then the original tale. In this book,The enchantress[who cursed the beast] is Belles mother. Belle discovers that when she meets the beast and gets to know him in the library where she is trying to find out more about beasts parents background.Overall i didn't enjoy the concept of the story and how Liz bras well Retold the story. Out of 10, if i had to rate this story,i would give it a solid 6. However I have a different opinion then others so don't hate. xxx Sabrina chakdouf. Bye for now and watch out for my next review. peace out.

30 Jul 2019

I really liked this book as there is lots of twists in it and the story is sometimes told from different characters. My favourite character is Rosalind. I would recommend it to ages 10+

20 Jul 2019

I really enjoyed this book as I like Beauty and the Beast and this book was the twisted tale version which I thought was really interesting and that's why I decided to read it. My favourite character was the witch who cursed the beast because I think she taught him a good lesson. I would recommend this book especially to people who like Beauty and the Beast.

06 Mar 2019

I thought this book was amazing I really enjoyed it. I am a very big Beauty and the Beast fan and have always wondered who cursed the beast? and I totally expected this as Disney are very good.

01 Aug 2018

Very good book. Had small similarities to the book but was also so different, almost a bit darker but in a good way. would make a great film. Couldn't put it down!

01 Sep 2017

A nice change to one of my favourite Disney stories

15 Aug 2017

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone from the ages of 11 to 15, especially if you like adventure or thriller stories. Some parts of the book are quite dark, and it puts a great spin on the original tale.
It is SUCH a good book, 5 star!
Can't wait to read the other books in Liz Braswell's series.

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