Kid Normal

Kid Normal by Greg James, Chris Smith, and Erica Salcedo

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By Greg James, Chris Smith, and and, Erica Salcedo

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07 Jan 2020

I really loved this book. I found it really funny and I loved how the characters were developed. There was a lot of drama in the book. My favourite character is Nellie because I liked how she had green strips in her hair. I loved the chapter that introduced Alan Rabbit.

16 Dec 2019

This book is about a boy with no superpowers in a school for superheroes. This story is a tear making novel about the fact that you don’t have to change to fit in. The moral of this story is : don’t be a lemming and copy everyone and just sink in to their world instead of getting fed up

17 Sep 2019

I want to be him

07 Aug 2019

I thought it was hilarious. There was going to be a fight but when Mr Flash comes in he says "Ah, all the super zeros are all together!".

There was some really large guy, he was eating lots of spaghetti.

I would recommend it to my friends.

01 Aug 2019


29 Jul 2019

My favourite character is Hilda. She can control 2 tiny horses.

23 Jul 2019

I thought that there was a good message behind it but got quite boring towards the end.

19 Jul 2019

It is all about a boy who gets mistaken to have the ability to fly but when the head teacher of the school finds out he pretends it is all fine. It is one of the best books i have ever read!

15 Jul 2019

This is so good. You will all definitely enjoy it ppl. I think it's so funny as Murph is so clever thinking and Murph's mum is so embarrassing.
Also plz get to to twenty likes for more reviews!

14 Jul 2019

The final book that I read was Kid Normal, an action-packed comedy created by Greg James and Chris Smith. It's about a boy named Murph Cooper, who starts to go to a school for kids with superpowers, but Murph doesn't have any. Murph eventually proves that superheroes don't need superpowers, and I honestly loved the book. My favourite character was Murph's friend Mary, who is with him throughout the entire story. Kid Normal is pee in your pants funny, and I will definitely recommend this comedy to anybody who loves superheroes and laughs.

06 Jul 2019

Amazing! If you want to be a superhero take this guy as your role model! I think kid normals pretty cool but don't try fighting wasps in your garden thier minds are abuzz with evil plans. (probaly to sting you.)

04 Sep 2018

It was an amazing read for kids aged 7-11 about a superhero school

30 Jul 2018

I really enjoyed this book. My favorite character was Murph because he was really different to the other kids as he was the only one without superpowers! I would recommend this to my brother and my friends.

30 Jul 2018

This book was a bit strange because everyone in Murph`s class had super powers.

26 Jul 2018

This book is about a normal boy who gets mistaken for a boy who can fly. He gets put into a school full of people with superpowers and must learn to survive. It's an exciting book full of lots of adventures and villians. I recommend this book for nine year olds.

24 Jul 2018

Found it boring

12 Jul 2018

This book is about a boy named Merph who accidentally was accepted into a school of superheroes. He makes new friends but he doesn't know that he has to defeat Nectar and his evil army at Ribbon Robotics. My favorite person in this book was Mary because she can fly with her magical umbrella. I would recommend this book to children aged 8-12.

07 Jul 2018

This book was okay, it's about a boy called Murph Cooper (AKA: Kid Normal) moving to a normal town that has a school that has an extraordinary secret. As you may have suspected Murph has no powers despite his name, Kid Normal. My favourite part is when Murph and some of his friends (AKA: The Super Zeroes) get corned by some bullies but then the rest of Murph's friends come and threaten them that they'll use their powers on the bullies. This wasn't my favourite book - the bad guy is really weird and he says he's Murph's father in part of it, and it doesn't build up to Murph finding out about the secret he just walks into the school and then he knows the secret in one chapter - but I'd recommend it for ages 8-14.

20 May 2018

Kid normal is a book about when Murph gets caught up in super hero business, without any powers himself! And well, when a super villain gets up to havoc, what can he do by himself? But what if he isn't on his own?
I liked this book for several reasons, starting with the moral. Though we all have different abilities and powers, if we work together we can do it, and it shows we are all different, but we are all people and can help. Next, I enjoyed the book because of its jokes and its difference from other books.Also, it is well written and thought about. This is a great read for people who are becoming more confident in reading, maybe from 7-10 years old.I gave this book 5 stars, enjoy! Princess Mildred Pawprint out.

26 Mar 2018

This book was okay. I really liked the kid characters but I didn't like the teachers or the villain, he was a bit silly. It is definitely meant to be a funny book so if you like a lot of jokes you'd probably like it and if you really like superhero stories you'd probably enjoy it too.

24 Mar 2018

Really enjoyed reading this book because it's funny, but also tackles issues like bullying. I like stories where the underdog comes out on top.

13 Oct 2017

I like this book because it's about murth moving homes.

13 Sep 2017

This book is about a boy who was accidentally sent to a school for superheroes and when it is atacked by an evil wasp guy it's up to kid normal and his friends to save the day

11 Sep 2017

it was a little bit tricky

04 Sep 2017

I could not put the book it's so good. I could read it over and over again and not get bored!

28 Aug 2017

This book was hilarious 5 out of 5 !!

28 Aug 2017

This book is amazing

26 Aug 2017

I like the idea of ordinary children being trained in a secret school! My favourite characters are Nellie and Deborah :)

25 Aug 2017

i like this book because everyone except the main character has super-powers, which is unusual.

25 Aug 2017

this book is where a boy called murph acidently gets put in a school of superheros. it is ok,but not the best

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