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The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox

The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox by Ali Sparkes

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By Ali Sparkes

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It begins as a normal day for Dax Jones but, backed into a corner and scared, he finds himself changing. Into a fox!
Dax is whisked away to a secret school, a haven for others of his kind, but danger follows. As he fights to keep the school’s secrets safe, Dax starts to wonder what is really going on. He needs his fox senses on high alert . . .


15 Feb 2021

Really good and makes me feel like i am in the story.

17 Oct 2020

This is a great book.
The idea of a child suddenly discovering they can shape shift and become a fox is such an intriguing way to begin the story. The description of him in the form of a fox is so clever that I started to believe that it was possible!
When he starts at Tregarren College and becomes a COLA, I wanted to be their right alongside the characters, discovering their special abilities.
There was also an unexpected twist at the end. In fact, I now want to read the rest of the series.

07 Oct 2020

This book follows the story of a young boy called Dax Jones. The action opens with him locked out of his house by a neglectful stepmother. We learn that he feels isolated in his family, unloved by his stepmother and unsupported by his father after the death of his Mum. Dax is no ordinary boy though, he develops incredible powers of transformation. Dax is protective of his schoolfriend Clive who is the victim of bullies. A confrontation leads to the violent unleashing of Dax's extraordinary powers. In short order, in an attempt to cover up, Dax is transferred to a school for "talented" children where he learns that all is not as benign as it first seems. Interesting characterisation - you find yourself rooting for Dax and his amazing friends.

Dax is a sympathetic character, his interaction with his classmates and the unfolding story will appeal to children who are fans of Harry Potter and the X Men franchise.

This is a simple story, with crisp vocabulary choices and nicely paced action sequences. It would lend itself to class discussion or self guided reading. Bullying and acceptance of difference would allow for use in PSHE classes.

16 Sep 2020

I liked this this book because it's all about shapeshifters with different powers. My favourite character was Owen because he made the book more exciting!

13 Sep 2020

My favourite character is dax because he can turn into a Fox. My favourite part is when dax turned into a Fox. I would recommend this book to 8+and to adventurous readers

01 Sep 2020

This was my sort of story seeing as it was sci-fi and magic related.

30 Aug 2020

I absolutely loved this book, it was so cliff-hanging. my favourite character is Owen because he saved Dax's life every time he falls in danger. I highly recommend this book.

27 Aug 2020

It was quite enjoyable to read and I couldn’t put it down

24 Aug 2020

really exciting. Dax finds out he can shapeshift, but then he's captured and asked to start a new school with "colas" people with magical abilities. This is where his adventures start. My favorite character in this book was Dax I enjoyed watching him learn how to control his powers

15 Aug 2020

It was an ok book. the start was my favorite

14 Aug 2020

It was a bit like Harry Potter because it was about a school for kids with powers but without the wands. I really enjoyed it and it was an amazing book.

03 Aug 2020

I really enjoyed this book because you wanted to carry on reading. I have read most of the shapeshifter books but this one is my favorite so far. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure books.

25 Jul 2020

This is a really good book for H. I. V. E fans- I recommend it for 11 to 12 year olds

23 Jul 2020

very good Dax turns into aa fox sometimes and has taken a special place.
It was on for boys like him and guidien l think thats what hes called.
(but im not going to spoil it).

20 Jul 2020

it was very good and interesting my favourite series

14 Jul 2020

8 stars. This is a brilliant book. I'd love to be able to shape shift!

30 Jun 2020

It was absoulutly amazing

15 Aug 2017

the shapeshifter series is a great series to read. I read finding the fox over the holidays and it made my holiday awesome. It is about a boy who shapeshifts into a fox and then gets taken to COLA Club(Children Of Limitless Ability), a haven for other kids of his kind.

06 Aug 2017

I love this book. It is one of many in the series. This story is about a normal school boy called Dax Jones. Then suddenly he isn't a normal boy he's a normal fox! So Dax finds himself shapeshifting for the council. Through the series Dax discovers more like himself and finds the people he trusts most aren't always there to look after him. I love this book you never now what is coming next!

22 Jul 2017

This book is brilliant for ages 10+
It is about a boy with extraodinary shapeshifting powers.
It is a fantasy book
That both girls and boys will enjoy

17 Jul 2017

It is quite fun and some parts are exiting and unexpected.
Dax is very adventurous and is not afraid to break the rules.
Read this book if you like funny and adventurous books.

01 Jun 2017

an amazing book if you like adventure and fantisy

09 May 2017

I love the Shapeshifter series: it is brilliant. You really get stuck into the books. Dax Jones, the main character, suddenly finds himself turning into a Finding the Fox which is the first book in the series. It has adventures, laughs and MORE! I recommend it to people aged 8-10

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