The Ashes of London

The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor

By Andrew Taylor

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From the No.1 bestselling author of The American Boy and The Silent Boy comes a brand new historical thriller set during the time of the Great Fire of London. The first of an exciting new series of novels.

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04 Aug 2018

A well written historical murder mystery. At times I found it a bit slow going but always enjoyable. There are some huge cliches in there: orphaned (but spirited) rich girl, cruel, selfish & deceitful relatives, cruel, selfish and deceitful rich people, loyal servants and people not always being who they seem. All in all, though, it was a jolly good romp and a ripping yarn.

08 Jun 2017

Good book for historical fiction lovers as there is lots of interesting, well written historical detail. However, not great for those looking for a good suspenseful crime novel. It was a bit too slow going for some of us. We didn't feel that the female lead character was very convincing. In fact, none of the characters had been that engaging.

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