Magic Animal Friends: Pippa Hoppytail's Rocky Road: Book 21

Magic Animal Friends: Pippa Hoppytail's Rocky Road: Book 21 by Daisy Meadows

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By Daisy Meadows

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An enchanting new series full of adorable animals, magic and friendship – from the creator of RAINBOW MAGIC


06 Sep 2020

I really enjoyed this book because I love animals.

01 Aug 2020

I liked the book because Pippa (who is a bunny and can speak in Friendship Forest like a human), Goldie (who is a cat and can also speak in Friendship Forest like a human), Lilly and Jess (who are girls) didn't give up when getting the hammer back although it wasn't easy.

14 Jun 2020

lots of magical things made it a good book

21 Aug 2019

It was fiction. I liked Pippa best because she is always kind and helpful.

10 Aug 2019

I quite liked it because it was in a cave and has beautiful rabbits. I would recommend it to people who like grey rabbits with a beautiful necklace and people who like magic.

i'm 12 by the way

24 Jul 2019

This book is amazing. I like how they tricked the trolls into thinking that they had the wrong hammer. I like Pippa Hoppytail because she is so cute and adorable. I would recommend this book.

19 Nov 2018

A lovely magical story for younger readers and listeners.

07 Sep 2018

I liked this book because I like rabbits.

17 Aug 2018

I didnt like this book. It was hard to read the made up names and the story was slow

12 Aug 2018

I really liked Pippa she was really nice and friendly it was also kind how she gave Lily, Jess and Goldie those pendants because those pendants were really nice.

01 Sep 2017

The Magic Animal Friend books are really good and this was a fun read.

12 Aug 2017

Another very exciting story from Daisy Meadows.

09 Aug 2017

it is magical

08 Aug 2017

It has a magical adventure.

06 Aug 2017

~It makes you feel like your in a land of friendship and i love friendship forest.~

29 Jul 2017

When the breakfast time, Lily and Jess just realized that Pippa was missing from the backyard. They tried to find Pippa and they got helped by friendship forest

27 Jul 2017

Others should read it because it is magical.

26 Jul 2017

An amazing book by daisy meadows!
The two girls jess and lily enter friendship forest and take a ride to magic mountain.
Grizelda the horrible witch wants friendship forest all for herself so she goes to magic mountain to stop the hoppytails' doing the first step to make magic for friendship forest.

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