Himself by Jess Kidd

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By Jess Kidd

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1950. A teenage girl is brutally murdered in a forest. But, somehow, her baby survives.

1976. A mysterious and charming young man returns to the remote coastal village of Mulderrig, seeking answers about the mother who, it was said, had abandoned him on the steps of a Dublin orphanage.

With the help of its oldest and most eccentric inhabitant, he will force the village to give up its ghosts. Nothing, not even the dead, can stay buried forever.


28 Sep 2017

Macclesfield Library Reading Group

The Macclesfield Library Reading group read this book for their September meeting and we all loved it! It is the first book that all 10 of us agreed on! We enjoyed how funny this book was for a murder mystery and all of the characters that featured along the way.

16 Sep 2017


Our group was very pleased to be allocated a setof 10 copies of Himself . The reviews ranged from poor to excellent which shows the joy of a book group when we can read and discuss a story and have such a wide response. One member said it reminded hoim of a Miss marples TV series yet at the other end of the spectrum yet at the other end of the spectrum one of our readers said it was excellent, beautifully written, poetic almost, with wonderful characters wjho had witty pithy dialogue. He felt that although not a serious work it was none the worst for that. The 'magical realism' was relevant , descriptive and ofen funny.

23 Mar 2017


Thanks to Canongate Publishers for 10 copies of Himself by Jess Kidd for our book group to read and review.
Our group had mixed reviews .Some were not sure what to make of it but still enjoyed it while others absolutely loved it. The book combines elements of a murder mystery, the supernatural, love and dark humour but is so well written that all these elements come together to produce a wonderful debut novel from Jess Kidd. Her characters are so well drawn that their Irish voices leap from the page and bring them to life; including the dead ones.
Looking forward to more from Jess Kidd.

05 Oct 2016


I *loved* this book - funny, gripping, chilling and wholly original.
When Mahony returns to Mulderrig to find out the truth about the mother he never knew, he starts to uncover secrets that the village will do anything to keep hidden...

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