He Said/She Said: the must-read bestselling suspense novel of the year

He Said/She Said: the must-read bestselling suspense novel of the year by Erin Kelly

By Erin Kelly

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The bestselling psychological thriller from the crime author on everyone’s lips, HE SAID/SHE SAID is the best suspense novel you’re likely to read this year.

‘Deliciously tense and twisty’ – Sharon Bolton, author of Daisy in Chains


22 Jul 2017


I thoroughly enjoyed this. Well written. Easy to read. Compelling. An excellent psychological tale with an original background setting. My book group read this and I promised I'd include their opinions so... EC said 'a book of suspense and desperation where the anticipation of what is about to happen builds and builds. . I thoroughly enjoyed becoming gripped with the twists and turns of the storyline and the tense nature of Kelly’s writing kept me hooked.
I would recommend to others as a dark but exciting to read.' MC thought 'This was a very clever and original book however I did feel that it was quite slow to start. Once it did though, around the second half, it was difficult to put down. As the title suggests the story is told from both his and her viewpoints which, in my opinion, aid the story greatly. Just when you feel you are getting to know a character, it switches and makes you question what you’ve just read. You wonder who is telling the truth, it really keeps you guessing. The story led to an ending that I found utterly unexpected. All through I couldn’t quite see how their tale would conclude but I would never have guessed the direction it took. A brilliant ending. Also, this author so skilfully took you in one direction that when the twists and turns came in the second half they were astounding! I haven’t been as surprised by a twist in a book for a long time. It was great not to guess and to be totally blown away by the plot. Overall I would rate this book as 4.5 stars out of 5, it just misses full marks because of the slow start.' SF said 'Great book. I found it a little slow to begin with and took a while to get into.
Once I got through the first few chapters it picked up. I loved the twist and was gripped.
It is a fairly easy read. The language used was clear and convincing.' KS thought 'If you can handle the switching between characters and periods of time then this book has suspense and keeps you guessing whether all is as it seems.' DMcK said 'He Said, She Said is a brilliant read , where our main character not only witnesses a brutal attack but is subjected to a harrowing court case where psychological mind games are played out. I could not put it down. I would read more from this author. ' Finally MG told me to tell you' it was fab!' So there you have it, we loved it.

13 Jul 2017

This story jumps between two periods of time in the lives of a couple, Kit and Laura. They witness the rape of a girl.
If you can handle the switching between the characters, their sides of the story and the time differences then this book has suspense and keeps you guessing whether all is as it seems...

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