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Holding by Graham Norton, and Graham Norton

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By Graham Norton, and and, Graham Norton

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15 Apr 2021

I quite enjoyed this book and could heard Graham Norton's voice narrating it in my head. I love books set in Ireland. It was a well thought out story and the characters, Sergeant Collins and Mrs Meany captured me. I wish Sgt Collins could have lost some of his weight and it was a happier ending for Mrs Meany. We all know people who are "feeders". A good read!

07 Jun 2020

Loved it. Set in Ireland ...I could just imagine everyone knowing everyone else. The way news travels....the good and the bad news.

30 Nov 2016

We thought this was a well written, lovely book. We liked Sergeant Collins and there were quite some characters in this book, including the intriguing three sisters and interesting Brid Riordan. What a boring life Sergeant Collins must have had until the skeletons were found - it gave him a new lease of life! Although sad in some parts, there were many amusing bits, for example Cormac coughing and Bobby the dog licking his nether regions. We were pleased with the epilogue and the outcome. We thought this was an excellent read and it will probably go on to be a best seller. It could make a good film!

29 Nov 2016

This book surprised and delighted me. We all know Norton is a comedian so I’m not sure why I was so astonished to find myself restraining guffaws in public places. Perhaps I wasn’t prepared to accept that he might be a writer of the sort of subtle situation humour I particularly enjoy (and which seems especially suited to small village settings!). This is humour that sharpens by contrast with the depth of genuine emotions that his multi-dimensional characters feel. It was a pleasure to meet all of them and I wallowed very happily (and unexpectedly) in the reading of this book!


28 Nov 2016

A really enjoyable story. You can visualize the village and characters well. It's well written and is a book you can read without too much concentration on cross-linking plots, and overly detailed character profiles. Would definitely recommend it.

25 Nov 2016

I received this book through Reading Groups for Everyones free bids.
Normally, I avoid most books written by celebrities, but thought I'd give this one a try. I'm so pleased I did. Straight away I was gripped with the story and it kept the pace throughout. Normally books lag towards the middle but this didn't. The characters were extremely well written.
If Graham Norton releases another novel, you can be sure that I will be buying a copy

25 Nov 2016

I was intrigued to read this debut novel by Graham Norton, as I have previously only known of him as a talk show host.

On the whole I liked the book and it was easy to read, I could hear his voice coming through in the writing and there were some lovely and original descriptive phrases.

On a less positive note I did find the story to be a little contrived and 'clunky', I was able to predict a lot of the action and I found the characters undeveloped and hard to relate to.

You wont find a lot of comedy patter here but having said that, I would certainly say give it a go!

21 Nov 2016

Graham Norton has certainly followed the well-known advice to write about what you know... this book is set in a small village in Ireland and every character has an authentic feel.

It is quite a gentle book, but the plot is well-constructed; just when you feel that the pace is starting to flag a bit, Norton introduces a new twist to keep you reading on. The story itself deals with the fallout in the village after the discovery of some human bones in a nearby farmer's field; it's funny in some places, and rather sad in others.

I did feel that some of the dialogue could have done with a bit of polishing, but over all this is an assured and impressive debut.

21 Nov 2016

I read this for a reading group; it's not something I'd normally pick up. But I enjoyed it, at times was engrossed and was really interested in the outcome.

All the characters were flawed & no one was held up as a hero. The protagonist, Sergeant Collins, was likeable and elicited a feeling of symoathy and I was pleased he had a happy ending.

I would recommend it. It's a light read, without being trashy or chick lit.

14 Nov 2016

I enjoyed this and found that once I'd got into it I really wanted to know what happened - so much so that I read the whole thing in two days. I liked the twists in the storyline (no spoilers here), I wasn't expecting the big ones but they really made the book work.

I was intrigued to read a novel by Graham Norton, who I love on TV. He was kinder to his characters than I thought he might be (given how naughty he is with this guests sometimes) and some of the key characters developed strongly through the book.

An enjoyable read - I'll happily read his next one.

01 Nov 2016


A gentle read from Graham. I was suprised by the storyline as Graham a well known character and one I watch a lot. I could imagine him dictating this book and the little gems he would throw in....

Lots of characters for you to think about and wander of their past and future stories.... I did enjoy this book and I'd like to read more...

A good book choice for holidays, winter weekend or a cozy evening in.

We we're lucky to win these copies of Holding for B'n' b Book group

12 Oct 2016


I thought this book was fab - great characters, and lovely voice and an enjoyable read.

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