The Road to Rangoon

The Road to Rangoon by Lucy Cruickshanks

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By Lucy Cruickshanks

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From the heart of Burma’s exotic Rubyland comes an emotional thriller, as three lives are thrown together by the desperate choices they make to survive in a country gripped by civil war


15 Jul 2016

Posted on behalf of The Bay Dozen book group in Cullercoats:

This book provided one of the most stimulating discussions of all the books we have read this year. Most praised it for the depth of research and the graphic insight into Burma's (Myanmar's) political and economic instability during the latter years of the 20th Century. Some found the cruelty and violence too much to stomach but others felt that the torture and betrayal suffered by the two young characters, Thuza and Michael, gave a compelling authenticity to the story.

12 Apr 2016


The Road to Rangoon is an action packed novel set in Burma in the 1980's, during the Burmese civil war. It's a heart-thumpingly good read with ruby smugglers, rebels and twists and turns that kept us guessing and gasping with outrage. It also tells of some of Burma's violent and bloody past and how ordinary people did extraordinary things in order to survive. It's a great read, especially for reading groups, with much to discuss: Burma and her history, survival, family ties, superstition and religion to name but a few. Highly recommended.

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