The Fish in the Bathtub

The Fish in the Bathtub by Eoin Colfer, and Peter Bailey

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By Eoin Colfer, and and, Peter Bailey

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A beautiful, heartwarming story set in post-war Poland about a grandfather and his mission to enjoy a traditional carp dinner. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.


11 Sep 2020

I like but not to much

09 Aug 2019

I didn't really like this story as much as the other ones. But I do like it a little.

31 Jul 2019

There were some words I didn't know what they mean ,but otherwise it was excellent !

28 Jul 2019

A book about a little girl trying to save a fish at Christmas.A small book with lots of illustrations and an unusual storyline.

09 Sep 2018

This book is fiction.I liked Lucja because she has a friend that is a fish.It interested me because Grandpa Feliks says that Lucja can not have Mr Fishy.I would recommend this book to someone because it is funny when Lucja asked why people has red noses.

14 Aug 2018

I Think this was a nice book, a good story. It is a fiction book, my favorite person in this book was Lucja. It is a story about a fish that the family was supose to have for dinner and Lucja suddenly decided to keep it as a pet in a bathtub. I would recommend it to a friend because I liked it very much

07 Aug 2018

This book was good I didn't enjoy it as much as the other books.

26 Aug 2017

This book was good because the story was interesting

12 Aug 2017

Excellent as a fish in my bathtub!

09 Aug 2017

I learnt lots of names of fish. I wouldn't like fish for Christmas dinner!

04 Aug 2017

I like it when the fish was saved in the end and it stayed in the bathtub until April.

03 Aug 2017

Grandpa Feliks bought a carp and put it in the bathtub and planned to eat it on Christmas Eve. But Lujca his grand daughter can talk to the fish and doesn't want grandpa to eat it.

The story is a bit boring but interesting.

02 Aug 2017

The book is nice and easy to read
The book is different to others that I have read which makes the book better to read.

30 Jul 2017

I absolutely loved this book I think it was funny that a kid can get so close with a fish I really recommend you read this book I rate it 5.

27 Jun 2017

I loved that the little girl loved the fish!

28 Aug 2016

it was a brilliant book

19 Aug 2016

it is very exiting and you want to know what happens next.

24 Jul 2016

The book was about a little girl and her grandfather having an argument over a carp she had made friends with.
The grandfather wants to eat the fish and the little girl wants to set it free.

27 Jul 2015

it is full of emotion which makes you continue reading

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