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Combat Zone

Combat Zone by Tom Palmer, and David Shephard

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By Tom Palmer, and and, David Shephard

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First instalment in an explosive rugby trilogy. Woody is the new boy at Borderlands, a boarding school for children whose parents are in the armed forces, but he is already desperate to leave and get back to his dad. Can rugby help him get through? Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 8+


15 Aug 2019

If you like rugby this is one of the books that you were looking for.

04 Sep 2017

its awsome cause i can relat cause I play rugby

10 Aug 2017

I really like it because I really love football and that book inspired a lot just didn't deserve a 5.

02 Aug 2017

This book has a life story with rugby games with the occasional twist: match report, news and speech used for action. Also there are fifteen cards to collect over three books. It's just great especially match time.
I personally think it's aimed at people who don't like reading because it isn't very long.

21 Jul 2017

It is the best book ever

19 Jul 2016

Loved it, because I love playing rugby.

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