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The Time-Travelling Sandwich Bites Back

The Time-Travelling Sandwich Bites Back by Matt Brown, and Lizzie Finlay

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By Matt Brown, and and, Lizzie Finlay

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Compton Valance can time travel using a stinky old sandwich. But now his evil brother has stolen the sandwich and is causing chaos. It’s up to Compton and his mate Bryan to stop Bravo before the universe implodes. Yes, really.


25 Aug 2021

A brilliant book!

02 Aug 2021

I liked when they went to the future and Bravo was going to destroy the universe.

12 Aug 2020

The person I liked the best was Compton. I would recommend this book to someone else because funny and amazing.

09 Jan 2020

It's very interesting how they always have happy endings

27 Aug 2019

This is a fiction book and I enjoyed it a lot because of the humour, drama, plot twists, the scenarios and the illustrations. IT HAS BECOME ONE OF MY FAV BOOKS!!!

28 Jul 2017

It was a enjoyable book but some parts were hard to understand because of the randomness of the book

25 Jul 2017

This book has lots of build-ups and is jam-packed with action and excitement.

28 Jul 2016

I like this book because it has time travelling in it and I would like to be able to time travel.

30 Jul 2015

There is lots going on at once and it keeps your brain thinking so you never get bored!

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