The Bones of You


By Debbie Howells

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Everyone has secrets. But some are more dangerous than others.


15 Jul 2016


The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

REVIEW: I enjoyed Reading this psychological thriller with controlling characters, perfectionist and OCD tendencies.

The dead girl has a voice throughout the book and 'speaks' to her younger sister.

Horse lover Kate, the main narrator befriends the girl, Rosie, then her mother Jo; Kate has a sense of foreboding about the missing whose father Neal is a control freak with a high standards, expecting his daughters to be perfect.

This is the Authors first novel and I am looking forward to reading her next one.

Cynthia H
Central Library Afternoon Readers Group.

06 Oct 2015

After reading the glowing reviews I was disappointed with this murder mystery. I realised early on where the story was heading so much mystery!

06 Sep 2015

I did not enjoy this book. I had no liking or sympathy with the main characters. Kate was smug, nosy and interfering. Why did she become so involved with Joanna and the finding of Rosie's killer when she hardly even knew her? She was also rather obtuse - not noticing Joanna's eating disorder, alcoholism, Neal's abuse etc. Her own imagined marriage wobble with her perfect husband added nothing to the story. The main suspects were identified so early in the story that it was obvious they were going to be innocent leaving only one possible person guilty so hardly a surprising ending.

29 Aug 2015

St Regulus AJ

This is a tightly crafted whodunnit that leaves you guessing until the final page. And guess you must as you will not be able to work out the answer. An excellent first novel. More please.

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