The Parrots


By Alexandra Shulman

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Blessed with status, love, wealth and connections the Tennisons seemed the most enviable of families – until Antonella and Matteo Fullardi, dangerously attractive Italian siblings and offspring of an Italian fashion dynasty, enter their well-managed lives.


23 Aug 2015

I did not enjoy this novel. I did not engage with the wealthy Katherine and Rick Tennison and their privileged but trivial lives. The arrival of the 2 "exotic" Italian siblings into their lives did nothing to improve the weak, superficial plot. I thought the characters were unreal and unlikeable and I did not care what happened to them.

31 Jul 2015

St Regulus AJ

The parrots, exotic birds, fly into and out of this story. Like their feathered counterparts, Antonella and Matteo are untamed souls who do not alight for long and yet impact on the lives of those they briefly enter. A well crafted novel and a good read.

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