The Parent Agency

The Parent Agency by David Baddiel, and Jim Field

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By David Baddiel, and and, Jim Field

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A brilliantly funny, gripping novel – and the bestselling hardback children’s debut of 2014 – from a born storyteller, The Parent Agency is an epic wish-fulfilment adventure for every child – and for the child in everyone.


26 Jun 2020

It didn't end as i was expecting it to.
I liked Barry because he was the main person in the story and I liked his personality.
I would definitely recommend it to someone else.

26 Jun 2020


I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

It was amazing while he came to pick his own parents but at the end it came out to be a dream

15 Jun 2020

I gave it a 4 because it had a sad part in it. Apart from that it was one of the best books I have ever read because it was so funny.

15 Jun 2020

I like it because Barry gets sucked into another world where you get to choose your own parents!

15 Jun 2020

I liked it because it was interesting.
There was a boy called Barry and he didn't like his parents so he ended up in the parent agency where he could find new parents.

14 Jun 2020

My review about the parent agency

I'm not so sure about David Badddiel but he is actually funny

I would not recommend it to anyone I know because no one I know likes the stuff in the book

14 Jun 2020

I liked the main character, Barry the best. I would definitely recommend this book.

13 Jun 2020

Really funny.
The main character is fed up with his boring parents, so tries out some others!
Each chapter is a new set of parents to try. Each time something funny happens.
David Baddiel has the same characters in each of his books so you feel like you know them.
Definitely recommend, easy to read.

12 Jun 2020

It was amazing

11 Jun 2020

Very good book

11 Jun 2020

funny adventures turn out to be a dream.

11 Jun 2020

I really liked this book.

11 Jun 2020

I love this book because it is very funny and a good book to read.I would definitely reccommed this book to a friend because it is good.

09 Jun 2020

Very long!

08 Jun 2020

it was amazing because it had serious elements and funny elements throughout the story.

07 Jun 2020

this is so funny. barry feels his parents favours his sisters so sets off to find new parents
it is a ficton book, i liked barry best.
my brother is reading it next

06 Jun 2020

I can't believe that the whole book was a coma.

05 Jun 2020

A funny book
Really good
I would say 100% on this book

04 Jun 2020

This book is about a boy who hates his parents and made a list with all the things he blames his parents for. Then he has a chance to live with 5 sets of parents for one day each. He doesn't like any of them. When he wakes up he realised that he was in a coma in hospital.

04 Jun 2020

when reading this book i thought about the minuscule amount of emotion and the wider range of joy and happiness. My favourite character in this fiction book was the main character of the story. In addition, this book caught my attention with the amount of action packed into the story. I would recommend this book as it is easy to read for all ages.

01 May 2020

This is a fantastic book, because it's funny and very enjoyable

15 Mar 2020

I love David Baddiel!

23 Nov 2019

Really funny.

31 Oct 2019

the story was nice but nothing really happened.

30 Sep 2019

I really enjoyed it but I could guess what was going to happen next.

01 Sep 2019

I liked all the things that Barry did in the story

23 Aug 2019

I loved it because there was loads of twists. The characters were amazing and it was really funny. This is the second David Baddiel book I’ve read and it makes me want to read more.

23 Aug 2019

Really good

21 Aug 2019

Best book ever

21 Aug 2019

This a good book with one major downfall- the end. i would definitly reccomend it to every one who likes adventure and comedy.

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