The Parent Agency

The Parent Agency by David Baddiel, and Jim Field

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By David Baddiel, and and, Jim Field

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A brilliantly funny, gripping novel – and the bestselling hardback children’s debut of 2014 – from a born storyteller, The Parent Agency is an epic wish-fulfilment adventure for every child – and for the child in everyone.


04 Nov 2020

Really liked book very funny surprises you at the end.

15 Oct 2020

I really liked this book because it was funny because you get to choose your parents. My favourite character was the head of the parent agency. I would recommend this to my friends.

12 Oct 2020

The best book I’ve read in a long time

18 Sep 2020

Interesting story

13 Sep 2020

It was really exciting!

12 Sep 2020

This book is all about a nine year old boy called Barry (he’s nearly ten in five days) who’s made a list about all the things he blames his parents for. He’s been sent to his room and then all of a sudden he gets transferred to a place called the parent agency where you find suitable parents. The head of the parent agency looks just like his friend. Barry has gone through lots of parents but in every set of parents there is one person that he recognised and at the end he realised it was his mum and dad and he was all in a dream.

10 Sep 2020

It has a effect on me telling me that my mum and dad are the best in the world and nothing can change that. I would recommend this book to ages around 8-10

08 Sep 2020

I love it when Barry says “I wish I had better parents!” For a third time and then the room starts to shake because I remember thinking to myself what is going to happen to Barry? If I was called Barry I don’t think I would be upset but Barry seems to be upset about being called Barry. He has a list of the things he blames his parents for and its number 2 on the list when I think it should be number 1 if he hates it so much. His number 1 is being boring. I love the world, Youngdon, were parents don’t have children. This land the home to The Parent Agency. This world I think is really random until I realise that the children can choose their parents and then I think this world is cool! At first for Barry Bennett this world was a dream come true but then he finds out that his real parents are the right chose.

06 Sep 2020

Nerve racking and one of Baddiel's best book!

06 Sep 2020

This book was really funny.
I enjoy reading comedy books that make me laugh out loud.
I would recommend this book.

05 Sep 2020

I recommend this book to everyone because it was really good

05 Sep 2020

This is a really good book I loved it and i would recommend it 100%

04 Sep 2020

Very funny, Barry doesn’t like his parents for a lot of reasons!
He gets teleported to a magical land where kids rule and get to choose their own parents. Barry discovers that he just got knocked out when he fell over and it was only a dream, but could have sworn right he saw his James Bond poster wink at him.

02 Sep 2020

This is very funny to me because while finding a mum and dad in the agency - Bottomly Hall, he finds a lot of parents that are wrong for him and he has lots of funny adventures along the way.

02 Sep 2020

nice story to read David baddie did a good job writing this book had lots of different types of family's and they are all different in there own ways

01 Sep 2020

I think this is an interesting book. This book talks about the importance of having a good family.I liked the person called Barry because he had 5 party's.It interested me because Barry teleportit to a hole new world.Yes I would.

01 Sep 2020

Barry Bennet hates his parents. But when he wishes himself away to a magical world where you can choose your own, maybe he will find that his parents do love him, after all...

01 Sep 2020

It it a GREAT book .

01 Sep 2020

Very funny read

01 Sep 2020

It was a really funny book. Barry was the main character I liked him most.

31 Aug 2020

I thought that this book was quite interesting and the end had warmed my heart.This was because Barry (the main character) had ended up thinking that the perfect parents for him was of course his own.The family got along well together and this was what he always wanted.My favourite character was The Head because he seemed very caring.

31 Aug 2020

This book was about when a 10-year old boy named Barry is sick of his parents and wishes that he could get new is whisked away to a place where the kids could pick their own parents but soon he finds out picking the perfect parents is not easy as it sounds.

31 Aug 2020

This is about a boy who does not like his parent and his two annoying twin sisters. One day he gets to try out all different types of parents

31 Aug 2020

This book was nice, and it was funny to see all of the different types of parents that he went and saw to test if they were the right ones for Barry.

30 Aug 2020

A really funny book, that I loved

28 Aug 2020

doesn't have a good back story to the main story

28 Aug 2020

Loved this book full of funny moments and fails. The Sisterly entities were my favourite character because they are so funny and weird.

26 Aug 2020

It was amazing,intriguing and funny.

26 Aug 2020

I thought it was an interesting book

The book is about a kid trying to look for the right parent but at the end the parents all go in tug of war for the boy

Definitely the main character because he’s the one looking for this adventure and yes it is fiction

The book is not that factual, but it interested me to see the adventure and the different people and parents there would be

I would recommend it to someone else, because this book was not that great for me but I hope they would like it

25 Aug 2020

I really enjoyed reading this fiction book, written by David Daddiel. The story is about a boy called Barry Bennett, who loves with his mum, dad and twin sisters. Barry does not like his parents as he thinks they are boring and no fun, as they don’t let him play lots of computer games, are strict about bedtime, being tired all the time, not being glamorous and being poor, etc. One day Barry wishes that he could have a new set of parents and his wish comes true. On his tenth birthday Barry finds himself at the Parent Agency, where Barry is placed with a new set of parents each day to celebrate his 10th birthday. The first set of parents Barry is placed with are very rich, so they buy Barry lots of presents, but do not spend any time with him. The second day Barry is placed with another set of parents who are famous, again at the end of the day Barry does not like them. As the week goes on Barry is placed with a new set of parents each day. Wednesday the parents were athletic, Thursday the parents are pushovers and Friday the set of parents are spoilers. Each time Barry is placed with a new set of parents, at the end of the day he decides that he does not want his parents to be like that. In the end Barry wakes up and realises it was all a dream and is so pleased that he Is back at home living with his own parents, who are not that bad after all. Yes I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, so I would recommend this book to both boys and girls aged between 8-10 years.

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