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Compton Valance Super F.A.R.T.s versus the Master of Time

Compton Valance Super F.A.R.T.s versus the Master of Time by Matt Brown

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By Matt Brown

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Fresh from saving the universe, Compton and Bryan are whisked off to the future to become trainee Time Crime Agents. But when a notorious criminal mastermind escapes from a maximum security prison and kidnaps Bryan, Compton must race against time to save his best friend – and the world – from evil…using only a slimy sandwich!


25 Aug 2021

So funny!

30 Jul 2021

I liked Compton the most because he was funny. I recommend this book to my friend

12 Jul 2021

Even better than I thought it would be: even more gross, more hilarious and ridiculously magnificent.
I would indefinitely recommend this book.

28 Aug 2020

A great read, super funny, amazing story to read.

15 Aug 2020

It was really good I love Matt Browns books

23 Jul 2020

I liked this book because it is really fun. For example when Compton has to spray his breakfast with a water gun to make the food edible because otherwise the breakfast would be grey lumps. My favorite character is Compton as he is cool and funny. I would recommend this book.

03 Dec 2019

It is really funny

I loved reading it

I liked Compton the most because he is really funny

I would recommend this book to somebody else

27 Aug 2019

The third sequel in the book with two more to go. A really funny book.

12 Aug 2019

A really funny book about two average boys who end up as world-famous time travellers. They end up going to school in the twenty-seventh century, the story is hilarious.

01 Sep 2018

It was really really FANTASTIC.

03 Aug 2018

If you like humour books than this book is for you. You will love it!!!

22 Jun 2018

It was as funny as Compton valance 1&2. A must read!

29 Aug 2017

I think people should read this book because it's about time and space and it's a really good book.

24 Aug 2017

I think that this book is great for people who like adventure and humour.

24 Aug 2017

It was great!

22 Aug 2017


04 Aug 2017

This is one of my most favourite books. It's so gross that the author had to warn the reader to skip Chapter 7 because there was too much snot in that chapter. But I still encourage people to read it because its funny. I got this book because: 1st of all I like Matt Brown. 2. I like "The Compton Valance Series". 3. I like funny/comedy books. So if you like the same things that I mentioned than I suggest that you should read this book.

01 Aug 2017

It's really rude and very funny and you'll laugh alot

27 Jul 2017

This book is funny and when you shut the book it makes you want to keep Reading the book.

27 Jul 2017

Everytime it gets me!!!

29 Jun 2017


25 Aug 2016

it was mind blowing and there were lots of adventures. the were lots of disgusting parts. So if you like EXCITING but GROSS stories this is the best book for you.

19 Aug 2016

This is a funny book.

30 Oct 2015

Because it's entertaining .

01 Aug 2015

Funny, Brilliant

31 Jul 2015

It's really fun good for ages over 9

30 Jul 2015

This book has lots of travelling back and forth in time. It is super funny and strange(which is a good thing)!

21 Jul 2015

Compton Valance starts his life as a FART (Future Agent Recruit Training) as he discovers many unbelievable secrets on his journey....

17 Jul 2015

it is good

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