Plague Land: Oswald de Lacy Book 1

Plague Land: Oswald de Lacy Book 1 by S. D. Sykes

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By S. D. Sykes

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A thrillingly suspenseful crime novel set in medieval Kent in the aftermath of the Black Death.


02 Oct 2015

I am a member of St Regulus Reading Group and enjoyed reading this book. I do like novels that have some historical basis and found this easy to read

17 Aug 2015

Kemnay Library Book Club read this book in June, below are a few comments from our members

"Interesting murder mystery. Not my usual genre, but I enjoyed reading something different"

"I liked how dark this story was. All the characters, both male & female, seemed to have their own agenda and treated each other with distrust"

"Although interesting from a historical point of view re The Black Death, I found the main character weak, it does not make me want to read other books by the same author"

"I really enjoyed this book, it is not one I would have chosen myself"

"I liked the character Oswald and wanted him to succeed with managing the estate"

"Oswald changed dramatically throughout the story and seemed older by the end.. I was hoping for a happy ending for him but I should have known better - at least he had a pulse!!"

"Very descriptive and was easy to picture the scene. I found the era interesting"

"I would recommend this book and would like to read more by this author"

29 Jun 2015

St Regulus AJ

Oswald de Lacy inherits Somershill Manor following the ravages of the Black Death. As a teenager and the third son of the family he has not been prepared for what he now has to face. The murder of two local girls turn him into an amateur sleuth yet he has his family to attend to and the Manor to run. A good debut with more to come?

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