The Deadly 7

The Deadly 7 by Garth Jennings

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By Garth Jennings

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A monstrously hilarious middle-grade adventure from Sing director Garth Jennings

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27 Aug 2019

Best book ever. Really funny, a little bit scary in moments. A good book.

11 Aug 2017

I love reading about monsters

03 Aug 2017

My brother told me all about it so I read it. Remember monsters are your friends if they're friendly.

24 Oct 2016

I love this

19 Jul 2016

This book is awesome. I love all the monsters.

01 Jul 2016

This book would be good for 7-10 year olds because it's potentially scary for younger readers.
I liked the part where Nelson dressed up as a girl best.
My favourite character was Nosh.
The author uses lots of imagination and makes the story realistic.
If you like fantasy books you will like this.

26 May 2016

Nelson's sister is kidnapped and his parents go to find her. He stays with his Uncle. In St Paul's cathedral he extracts his 7 sins as monsters and they help him to rescue his sister. I really like this book. My favourite part was when Nelson became a fish in the river of life, because it was unexpected. My favourite character is Puff because his farts can knock you out for a week! I would recommend this book to children who like funny books that are very random! I am 10 and it was fine for me.

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