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Stop Those Monsters!

Stop Those Monsters! by Steve Cole, and Jim Field

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By Steve Cole, and and, Jim Field

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The Wizard of Oz meets Monsters Inc in this MONSTROUSLY funny stand-alone story from bestselling author phenomenon Steve Cole.


11 Sep 2021

It was funny and I really enjoyed it. My favourite character was Verity because I like animals and she is a giant hamster and she's friendly and silly.

05 Aug 2021

super! ACtion packed too!

25 Aug 2018

This is a good book because it didn’t have any comic language like diary of a wimpy kid.

21 Jul 2018

Love the monsters!

01 Mar 2018

I didn’t really like this book it was boring

12 Aug 2017

Very funny book. One of my favourite books ever!

02 Aug 2017

This book is very adventurous and scary.I would recommend this book for
7+ children and for children who like monsters.

10 Sep 2016

Great really funny

19 Aug 2015

A boy called bob get's sucked into a world full of MONSTERS and the only way to get out is to find the humamon star jewel but that's not all he has the help of three friendly monsters Verity, Alfie and Zola who will help in this death defying adventure.

26 Jul 2015

Why are humans always common in so many books? Is there a problem with their imagination? (Hint, hint!)

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