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Surface to Air

Surface to Air by Tom Palmer, and David Shephard

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By Tom Palmer, and and, David Shephard

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Second instalment of Tom Palmer’s rugby trilogy set against the backdrop of war. The Borderlands team are in the European Rugby Championship. The trophy is almost in their grasp but their parents are still overseas, serving in the growing conflict. Can the team play through? Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers of 8+

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31 Aug 2020

Rory didn't give up and against all the odds succeeds and scores for his team.

14 Aug 2019

If you are a rugby fan, then this is one of the books that you were looking for.

31 Jul 2019

I liked it because I realy like kicking balls

09 Aug 2018

It is a fiction book about a boy: Rory and his rugby team and they went to France to win a rugby cup. I would recommend it to someone else.


02 Aug 2017

This is second in the series but just as thrilling. Instead of following Woody's life, we follow the life (and rugby matches) of his friend Rory.

26 Jul 2017

Is a book Who I reccomend for The energicts people

28 Aug 2016

I liked this book.

27 Jul 2016

It is a book about rugby and the players position is fly half

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