Best Mates (50 Book Pack)

Best Mates (50 Book Pack) by Michael Morpurgo, M.B.E.

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By Michael Morpurgo, M.B.E.

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A collection of six magical and heart-warming animal stories, specially for World Book Day, by the nation’s favourite storyteller.


27 Aug 2020

Lots of stories in this and they are really good.

23 Jan 2018

Michael Morpurgo is a very talented author. I enjoyed this book because it had lots of adventures and was described beautifully. My favourite story was Dolphin Boy - it was based on a true story and it was quite sad and used strong emotive language. It was a memorable and heart-warming story.

27 Aug 2017

Because it has lots​ of stories in it.
Also it has very interesting stories even though they are sad

14 Aug 2017

I thought this book was fantastic. 6 shortish stories that were all really interesting, most of the stories made me feel quite sad. Though the messages to us the reader I thought were really good and has made me think.

31 Aug 2016

boring it's about animals.

06 Aug 2016

bit boring

03 Aug 2016

i love this book

16 Jul 2016

good simple book full of animal tales

05 Sep 2015

Not good

30 Jul 2015

Lots of different stories and really good.

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