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The Crooked House

The Crooked House by Christobel Kent

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By Christobel Kent

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A stunning, dark and suspenseful psychological thriller that follows one woman’s search for the truth about her tragic family history; perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and Apple Tree Yard.


14 Apr 2015


A really good thriller that had some of us guessing right to the end.

It is the story of Alison/Esme who returns with her boyfriend to the village where something terrible happened to her family. There are some strange characters and in part it rambled too much but there was enough story to keep us reading to the end. Some of us knew how it would end while others had not idea.
It is certainly worth a read.

31 Mar 2015

Alison returns with her boyfriend Paul to Saltleigh to attend Paul’s friend’s wedding. Thirteen years previously Alison’s family had suffered tragedy in Saltleigh. Alison had lost her memory of this time, but while there she starts to remember what happened and talks to local people until eventually the mystery is revealed. This book has very atmospheric descriptions of the salt marshes, boats and the sea. It is a good read, if a little slow and confusing in parts. The mystery is gripping and keeps you reading until the final surprise.

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