Wolf Winter

Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekback

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By Cecilia Ekback

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A brilliantly written and gripping historical Nordic Noir thriller with all the intrigue and atmosphere of Burial Rites, the pent-up passion of The Piano and the suspense of The Tenderness of Wolves.


17 Nov 2016

St Regulus AJ

This tense novel is set in the far north of Scandinavia in the early part of the 18th century. Swedish Lapland is part of the ancestral homeland of the Sami whose wanderings respect no brders. The early settlers, a mixed community of families struggling to survive the tough arctic winter in their isolated homesteads, face troubles of their own making. Living the summer on the slopes of the mountain, barely managing to fill their food stores for the long, dark winter that comes all too soon. This is a tightly drawn tale wrapped in a homespun blanket of folk tale, murder, child disappearance and love. Blackasen Mountain looms over all as a constant threat.

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