The Emergency Poet: An Anti-Stress Poetry Anthology

The Emergency Poet: An Anti-Stress Poetry Anthology by Deborah Alma

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By Deborah Alma

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A brilliant new anthology of poems that will help you to overcome stress, depression and other anxieties.

Arranged by spiritual ailment, the sections include a range of verse, new and old, which may be of comfort to those in need of a pick-me-up for the soul.

The collection has been carefully compiled by Deborah Alma, the world’s first and only emergency poet, who travels to schools, libraries, festivals and other events in her 1970s ambulance to offer consultations and prescribe poems as cures for various maladies.

This collection is designed to lift your mood and offers poetic help whenever it may be required. Other poetry collections include The Everyday Poet: Poems to Live By.


01 Oct 2018


An anthology of poems dealing with all of life’s stresses, from seizing the day to coping with grief. There are old favourites to contemporary unknowns. Deborah Alma introduces poetry to the streets and festivals in an old ambulance, a great way to literally ‘take’ poetry to the people. We all have our favourite poets who we tend to return to, but an anthology like this gives us a sample of a new poet to go and explore more fully, eg Meg Cox, Kaylin Haught. The poems are chosen to uplift or console during life’s challenges. Handing for keeping by the bed in case of emergency.

07 Jan 2016

This is a fantastic collection of poems for any situation. It's been designed to lift people's spirits.

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