Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon

Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon by Sarah Courtauld, and Sarah Courtauld

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By Sarah Courtauld, and and, Sarah Courtauld

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Two sisters battle dragons and fairy-tale villains in this very funny quest adventure in the spirit of How to Train Your Dragon and Mr Gum

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14 Jun 2016

I liked this boiok becIse it's very expressive and I liked the words that were used. The story was full of dragons and I liked the main characters.

12 Sep 2015

This is a very funny story with lots of dragons and adventure. Once you get reading you can't put it down, but don't read it at bedtime when your mum says you should be asleep because she will hear you laughing.

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