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Frog the Barbarian

Frog the Barbarian by Guy Bass

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By Guy Bass

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The second hilarious tale about a frog on a serious mission in a world where nobody is sure what the bumbles is going on!


18 Jul 2021

It was a very exiting book, full of action. My favorite part of the book was when Frog teamed up with a Bragon, Crocken and a Rarewolf and battled the enemies.
I would recommend this book to my friends.

17 Aug 2019

My favourite person in this book was once again, Frog, because he still saved the king and queen of everything, despite what they said they would do to him(They said they would chop his head off). Once again, I would recommend this book to somebody any day of the week, as it was entertaining and funny.

25 Aug 2018

A hilariously funny book.

08 Aug 2017

I have learned from this book that you should try to destroy the earth , that you should save it.

05 Aug 2017

It makes you feel what being a Prince or king would be like.

03 Aug 2017

More adventures of Frog - I liked the other books too.

12 Aug 2016

I liked Nigel the bragon beacause he is so strong

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