Chocolate Box Girls: Sweet Honey

Chocolate Box Girls: Sweet Honey by Cathy Cassidy

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By Cathy Cassidy

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Honey is going to live with her dad in Australia. Determined to make a fresh start, she couldn’t be further away from the tough times at Tanglewood. The girls are different from Honey’s friends in England and the only person who seems to understand her is the cute boy from the beach she’s chatting to online.

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20 Oct 2020

very nice

11 Sep 2020

I really like how one thing can change everything

07 Sep 2020

this was a good book.

04 Sep 2020

I really liked Honey as she was really fun!

02 Sep 2020

It is a brilliant fiction book that I would recommend to everyone.

04 Aug 2020

I loved this book. My favourite character is honey because she always tried to fit in and really turned over a new leaf.

26 Jul 2020

I really liked this book because, you learn something about never leave your password or anything open otherwise someone could hack into it. I liked the characters: Honey and Ash because they were always there for each other and that’s what you have to do. This book was about a girl Honey who moved to Australia and got hacked into a account and at the end she knew who hacked it.

14 Jul 2020

This is my favourite book

03 Jul 2020

I really love this book

would recommend this book to someone who has read the chocolate box series

01 Jul 2020

Honey moves to Australia to get a second chance in school where she meets ash a cute Australian boy, during the school year images and pieces of her online diary end up on her social media page and she realises she is getting hacked when the hacker posts horrible images on sisters pages. This is the last straw and she tells her mother, the police and figures out that the hacker is the boy who got expelled from her last school with her. She finds out that she has a half brother during her stay. My favourite character is Emma. I would definitely recommend this to a Cathy Cassidy fan, anyone who has went through parents getting divorced and anyone who doesn’t realise how dangerous hackers can be.

01 Jul 2020

Honey wants to be with her dad in Australia because she thinks he is really great but then she realises he is going on dates with several other woman and realises he is not as great as she thought and her spider web account is being hacked by a nerdy boy who helped her set it up called Anthony and its loosing all her friends but when ever she gets messages from her friends and from home Anthony deletes them and her sisters and her mum back home are really sad eventually she comes home and Anthony gets discovered and is no longer allowed on the internet.

30 Jun 2020

OMG, i loved this book. From the moment I started reading it i fell in love. It was so hard to put the book down because it was so addictive. I would definitely recommend this book.

27 Jun 2020

I love who this book is on a adventure and the truth about Honey and her dad! This was epic and looking forward to fortune cookie as it tells the next chapter!

14 Jun 2020

It's a fiction book so my favorite charecter is Emma.I would recommend it to drama book lovers

10 Jun 2020

I loved this book. It is about making a fresh start. It is horrible when Honey's account gets hacked! When she is in Australia with her Dad, she learns a lot about her family.

02 Jun 2020

This is my favourite of the series, I recommend this book to girls.

22 Mar 2020

Literally just amazing. It's awesome how Cathy Cassidy shows Honey's true character as well as give a message about cyber bullying

02 Jan 2020

I thought it was a bit scary and cool.
I liked Honey

24 Dec 2019

Home his very rebellious but her friends help her . you should read this book if you are a girly girl

28 Aug 2019

It's an amazing book about a girl who has not had such a good past her dad left when she was very young. She started turning the hurt in her into anger and she didn't do well in school,she used to hang out with boys all night and she pushed her friend to hack into the school computer system and change her grades. This got them both expelled . Honey decided that she should change all her ways. So she goes to live with her dad and his girlfriend in Sydney. This book is about how she tries to cope on Sydney and become a better person. I loved this book. But I don't think it's suitable for children below nine

31 Jul 2019

I felt sorry for Honey. She was in an extremely bad situation. All the Cathy Cassidy books I've read have made me feel very emotional and even start to cry.I'd recommend it for children older than 9.

24 Jul 2019

This book tells you about the mind of the oldest Chocolate Box girl, who can be moody and selfish. I gave this book 5 stars.

24 Jul 2019

the person i liked best was ash because even when honey went a little bizarre he stuck by her side i would recommend this for 9 to 17 years of age because if a younger person was to read this they may not understand a lot of the words written in the book

12 Jul 2019

This is a fantastic book with so much going on! I think readers 10+ will enjoy this great read.

17 Aug 2018

I love Cathy Cassidy,this is my favourite book out of all the chocolate box girls series. It's about a girl called Honey and she moves to Australia.

06 Aug 2018

love sweet honey it is one of the best of the chocolate box girls keep it up Cathy Cassidy

06 Aug 2018

that was so scary! it was all about a girl who was being hacked and it gets super scary!

06 Aug 2018

Principal Aphrodite Flattery

I liked this book because it is fun to read about a sunny X-mas.

26 Jul 2018

I liked this book a lot as it talks about daily disasters and how to cope with online safety. I like how it relates to modern day life and it shows us the inside struggles of having a dad that lives on the other side of the world and who doesn't care about you. I liked the main character best, Honey, as she learns that family, well parts of it, won't stay together. Not if you have a dad that treats you like something he picked off his shoe. I would recommend this book to others as not only is it entertaining, but you can learn about life in someone else's shoes.

25 Jul 2018

I really enjoyed this book by Cathy Cassidy. I especially enjoyed the part, where Honey goes to live with her dad in Australia, Sydney. This book is a non-fiction book and is very interesting. It interested me, as I enjoyed the storyline of Honey's life. Her story, is that her mum and dad have spilt up and she blames it all on her mum, even though it was her dad's fault. She still believes he is innocent and goes to live with him in Australia. While she is there, she meets his girlfriend Emma. When Greg, (Honey's dad) starts staying out late and cancelling events with Honey, her and Emma know something is up.
I would recommend this book for 9-16 year olds. I think this would be the appropriate age range.

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