Aliens Stink!

Aliens Stink! by Steve Cole, and Jim Field

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By Steve Cole, and and, Jim Field

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The X-Filesmeets Wimpy Kidin this hilarious and alien-tastic stand-alone story by bestselling author Steve Cole.


01 Sep 2020

I like the song Aliens stink because it makes me laugh

05 Aug 2019

I liked Little G and it was fictional

21 Jul 2018

I like that he discovered his mum

07 Aug 2017

very poor

29 Jul 2017

Because it's fun, interesting and it has intelligent people in it. It taught me what the ozone layer is.

26 Jul 2017

It was a joy full read to me

19 Jul 2017

its more or less funny and its a silly name so you'll thinks its for babies but i think it would be for 6-10

08 Dec 2015

It is quite funny but a bit strange

04 Sep 2015

This book is for people who like lots of detail and have an interest in aliens. Little G wants a HUGGG

02 Aug 2014

In case you meet an Alien

24 Jul 2014

Super, Hilarious, an amazing read. Highly recommended. little G is so cute.

24 Jul 2014

This book is absolutely hilarious. An AMAZING read

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