Ogres Don't Dance

Ogres Don't Dance by Kirsty McKay, and Chris Judge

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By Kirsty McKay, and and, Chris Judge

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Ogden is a gnarly, man-eating ogre . . . Then Ogden meets Willow, a gutsy girl who lives in a tree house in the woods. She makes a deal with him: if he’ll stop eating humans, she’ll teach him to dance. But there are fouler creatures than ogres in the forest, and they might just scupper Ogden’s dancing dreams . . .


19 Jul 2020

It was funny that the ogre really wanted to dance and how he made friends with the little girl, willow.

14 Aug 2018

I found this book a bit boring.
I would not recommend this book.

26 Jul 2018

Yes it was fiction and my favourite character is Ogden.
Yes if they like Orges.

11 Aug 2017

I liked the part were ogen was eating people then all of a sudden he heres music.

22 Aug 2016

what do you call a big green ugly ogre who loves dancing.

30 Jan 2015

I liked that funny ogre that loved to dance.

27 Dec 2014

This story is about an ogre who loves to dance and wants a dance partner . The ogre is a man eating monster who changes himself to a non eating person.

14 Sep 2014


30 Aug 2014

there is like a ogre with 2 left feet. he wants to dance and some flesh eating monster tricks the vilagers to think that it was the poor ogre.

29 Aug 2014

this is rather funny

20 Aug 2014

I think you should read this book because it is one where you want to know what's going to happen next and you can follow Ogden and Willow on their wild adventure.

19 Aug 2014

i love this book i wish i could keep it forever.

04 Aug 2014

it is about a ogre that whats to dance so a little girl learns him to dance. i think it is a bit borring for me but is fun if u like sherk

28 Jul 2014

It's REALLY interesting!I will recommend this hilarious book to everyone

28 Jul 2014

The story was funny and shows how people can help each other instead of being selfish

19 Jul 2014

I like this book because a ogre dane a funny way

14 Jul 2014

It a wonderful book and its also very funny

14 Jul 2014

Other people may like this book because it's about a dancing ogre!

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